Ocean and Daddy Time





I think the title summarizes my last three days.  Me, SB, the ocean – and a lot of time together……ahhhhhh!

The details are our memories. We had a lot of great conversations. We drank a lot of great wine.  We explored this little coast town a bit more.

It took several hundred photos.  We watched sunsets.  We scoffed at the number of people watching their phones more than the gorgeousness of the scenery.

We talked politics and watched sports.  We sipped coffee – and shared fish, but not at the same times.  We drank beer for lunch – and at great food for dinner.

And we got the time that sickness and other life events had stolen from us.   We breathed. We loved. We sank into the energy that is our own when we are together.  We smiled and laughed and loved.

I am grateful we both had the time.

I am feeling blessed and loved.

I love that man and the memories we have created together.

What do you think?

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