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It’s been awhile since G and I went away just the two of us.  And it seemed the right weekend to do it – given it is our pre-wedding anniversary weekend.  Many weeks ago, I tossed out a few options of where we could stay along the coast – and G picked Astoria.  The place he chose had a great view of the river and was in walking distance to my favorite brewery.  Score!

We drove out their Friday after work – got there by 6:30 and found the place was quite decent. A studio with plenty of room, the view it promised (though I wish the deck had seating so we could have sat outside watching the ships), and the location was also good.  It was a cute little place that clearly was someone’s guest suite for visiting friends and family.

We walked down to Buoy Brewing – the place SB and I found earlier this year on our trip to Astoria.  I had to eat the rockfish and chips.  G got a special they were having – shrimp, bacon and mac & cheese, I think.  And we sampled their seasonal beer.  Seeing the board of what’s to come made me comment that SB and I have to come back because the winter beers are coming.  G got to see the seal lions through the glass floor as we were waiting for our table.  That place is worth the visit every time.

G got a couple of bottles to take back with us – and we walked back to the house.  Only downside? It was uphill.  And not a gentle uphill – no, a steep climb that makes you realize how out of shape you are.  When we got near the house, we were met with two young deer wandering around, nibbling plants in the various yards.  G was determined to pet them, but they decided they would decline.

We opened the windows, listened to the sea lions & the rain, sipped beer, and watched a very dark and twisted comedy series called Wilfred.  I would love to say I truly understand the show – but I’m not sure many people do.  I mean, it’s about a suicidal man who meets his neighbor’s dog……who, to him, appears as a grown man in a dog suit who talks to him.  Worth the watch – and you spend time laughing and wondering ‘what the fuck am I laughing at exactly?”

The next day, we got up and wandered around Astoria.  I shot photos of the Flavel House – a historical site that houses the local museum.  I love the old gothic / victorian style of the place.  We found some breakfast and coffee, then wandered a good chunk of the waterfront area.  We were hoping to see the humpback whale that had been playing in the mouth of the Columbia River, but if it was around, we did not see it.  Instead, we saw very active sea lions.  Not as many as earlier this year, but they were still around eating salmon and other fish.

I had wanted to see the remains of a ship that ran ashore in 1906.  Most of it had been salvaged but what remains are the bones of the hull.  I have seen some amazing photos taken of the shipwreck and was excited G knew where it was at so I could get some.  Sadly, I got some interesting ones but they would need to be explained.  Taking shots of the wreckage would have shown more people than wreckage as it was the place kids and families were playing that day.  It was still worth the trip.

Then we went back to downtown where G recalled seeing a brewery I had not heard of.  It was mid-afternoon, so we figured we’d have light lunch and a beer – then get dinner later.  It was a 45 minute wait, every place we incredibly crowded.  So, we put our names in – and got a beer from the bar while we waited.  Astoria Brewing Company seemed to brew a lot of different kinds of beers.  I think they had at least 16-20 on tap.  By the time we got to our seats, we were enjoying sampling – it was more late afternoon, so we got a good meal and enjoyed the view.  Then we went back to relax the rest of the day.

It was overall a good trip.  The only thing that made it hard was that I am still fighting the end of this fucking cold I got a little over 2 weeks ago.  Everyone who has gotten it has had the same issues at the end, but damn.  I’m beyond ready for it to be done.  As I told G today, I would love to think going to the doctor would matter, but there is nothing to be done except treat symptoms.  And the OTC drugs they would suggest never help me.  So, I have to ride it out.

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