Pizza Ovens, In-Laws, and Sad Maggies

Today was an odd day.

Odd because I slept in after a good evening out, treating the kids to a concert that blew them away.  But I woke up grumpy.  I knew the day would be odd – would be full of a lot of things that were not about me – and, well, I really just wanted to run away and take photos or something.  All “me” activities.

But obligation was what today was about.

G has been working on a project that should be kinda fun, when it get done.  A wood burning oven for pizza and break or whatever else we can figure out to cook in it.  While not a project we discussed beforehand (or at least discussed outside of the discussion we did have in his head), I can think of worse projects to be surprised with (insert VW bus here).

He was stressing about how today was going to go – making breakfast – finding things not being as they needed to be for the project to start when I hear….

“Indigo, here’s $5, go get some eggs at the store for breakfast.  We’re several short.”

Then I hear Indigo argue. Then hear her go upstairs to try to convince her sister.  Then I hear them debating it, Indigo storming off to her room, then come back downstairs to say maybe she’ll go when her sister is ready in a bit. I finally threw my hands in the air – in the time that had passed between discovery of the needed eggs and now, someone could have been the 4 blocks to the store and back.  I threw on some clothes and went.

I came back pissy. I know I did. Not enough coffee, a day I’m not looking forward to, and three people more hell bent on playing a game of “not it” than doing what needed to be done? Yeah, not a good combo.

So, we ate. we started pulling together the various projects, then my in-laws came over.

But before they did, I did the dreaded grocery shopping for the week.  What a pain in the ass given everyone and their mother decided today to do their shopping today.  Shoot me.


My mother-in-law (aka MIL) was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. G is doing his best trying to support her, but also giving her time with the kids – and getting his dad away to do his own thing.  This project was kind of the best of all worlds.  While his dad and G strategized and came up with plans, they would go off.  The girls were being teens and doing their own thing.  And my MIL and I would talk and look at things and hang out.  A weird place to be.

She and I talked gardening – a good conversation.
She and I talked cooking – she fell in love with my pressure cooker and odd blender/food processor.
She and I talked cancer – and she appreciated my perspective given it matched her own.
She and I talked scarf vs wig vs hat – and she enjoyed the story about a friend of mine who went bald and proud.

It was odd. Not bad, just odd.  And evolution of things between us.  At one point, I saw her look at me, not as a kid, but as a person – as an adult who understood.  When I mentioned how much things have changed since her mother fought cancer, when I asked her if I was remember correctly or if one of her aunts had sent genetic test results saying cancer was in their genes, she was surprised at how much I noticed – how much I remembered – how much I knew.

I only felt bad because she had never intended to spend 5 hours at the house. I felt bad because of it too. She had good humor while the kids and I tried to help.  When DJ indicated she hated perfectionists – a dig at both my FIL and G, she laughed with me.  She gave her a hug and laughed too.

My MIL kept checking it – is my FIL taking too much control (no) – does she need to call him off (no) – are they working okay together (yes).  I appreciated how much she cared about how things were going – how much interference.

It was an odd day – but an interesting one.

I spoke about SB – in a way that wouldn’t cause issues.  What can I say? Even surrounded by in-laws and kids, he is still right there with me. I felt him all day.

It was an odd day – a day that I had not intended to have – but it was a good one.

Though Maggie may disagree given she had to be kenneled for 5 hours.

What do you think?

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