Blog Posts That I’ve Started Writing But Never Finished

Yeah, I have a lot of blog posts started – and have finished not a one.  Sometimes I get interrupted. Sometimes I get sidetracked during the writing of one and the point goes a different direction & I know I need to edit it but don’t have time.  Sometimes I just jot down idea. And sometimes I start writing something that ends up being harder to write than I thought, so I abandon it for a different day.

Yeah, rarely are those blogs revisited.

So, here is a synopsis of blog posts I have started writing but never finished:

“But what if your authentic self is an asshole?”
A blog post about this thought having gone thru my mind when a friend told me about a poor interaction that he had with a different person.  And he actually defended what he did and said by saying “I was being my authentic self”.  The post was about how people bastardize phrases like this and turn them into something they are not – all in the pursuit of justifying why they don’t have to change their own behavior.

“Yes, I read a lot of crappy books – I blame my mother.”
I really have no idea what the thought behind this one was.  A confessional of all of the crappy books that I dub “TV in a book” – those books that take little brainpower to read and are like candy for the brain (no intellectual value).  I have no idea.

“No, Kim Davis is not being persecuted for being Christian.”
A rant on how Kim Davis was in jail for violating her oath of office and not upholding the law.  First amendment discussions were in there – a rant comparing her not issuing marriage licenses would be like a cop not arresting someone because in that circumstance – the shooting was justified based on his belief systems.  I think this one was finished but I decided too much time was being given to this dim-witted public official – so I didn’t publish it.

“Yes, your opinion CAN be wrong”
I was actually going to share and talk about an editorial piece someone (Jef Rouner) had written about how people try to stop facts with “it’s just my opinion”.  I suspect that a variety of social media and political candidate responses to things prompted me to start this one.   The take away on this blog post is that if you are fighting scientific evidence with your opinion of the situation – your opinion is nice but it is making you wrong.

“Just because the box asks ‘What’s on your mind?’ doesn’t mean you can write whatever is one your mind”
This one was about an online incident between my brother and a guy he graduated high school with.  A controversial post led to a pretty horrific social media exchange that got the guy in trouble with his employer.  Later, when talking to my mom, I found out that the reason he really got in trouble was because my brother posted the entire exchange on another local-to-the-guy forum. Police ended up getting involved due to accusations of harassment.  My mom defended my brother’s right to say whatever he wanted to online because ‘it’s just his opinion’ – so this post was about how stupid people get online – and how quickly your opinion can become a legal issue when you take it too far.

“My favorite place”
A blog that, in hindsight, I think I may have just forgot to hit post.  It was written before I went on vacation a month ago – and it was a photograph showing what was going to be my view for a couple of days.  Ocean view with SB – knew there would be wine involved.  It was a great time.

“World Breastfeeding Week”
A blog post I started in support of the awareness this week was to bring to the nursing mothers and their babies and all of the stigmas attached.  I started writing about the shaming I got before my first child was born to breastfeed – then the shame I felt when she and I couldn’t get it together enough to make breastfeeding work.  I had always planned on nursing my kids – but was constantly bombarded by strangers in public places who wanted to make sure I was going to breastfeed my baby when it was born.  Yeah – good times there.

“Things Poly People Say That Makes Me Cringe”
I may actually have to go finish this one.  Over several days, I kept stumbling into statements poly people were making that made me worried about the health of their own poly relationships.  Not only did they make themselves sound ‘poly-er than thou’ but also kinda shaming the monogamous.  Statements like ‘monogamy doesn’t work because there are monogamous people who cheat – so poly is the only way to go’ or ‘poly people have more mature communication skills than monogamous people – they could learn a lot from us.’  Yeah.  I may still keep this list going.  Send me your favorites, if you have them.

The blog post started with ‘There are time when I cannot articulate what we have together. The feelings are so strong – I cannot describe it -……”  I probably could guess what this was about – but won’t. It ended there so…. *shrug*

“Women’s soccer”
There was no title to this one – but it was a post written during the Women’s World Cup.  Two guys and I would watch the games and talk about them around the coffee machine, if you will.  One would express his joy over the fact we get to watch such good soccer.  The other expressed surprise that women could play such good soccer.  Blog post was about how the world cup games really showed many skeptics that women could play a sport and have it be just as skilled and exciting as the men playing.

No fucking idea – that was all I had written.  Hmmm…

“Shit, I missed the boat to Giveafuckistan”
That was what the image said in that post.  The first line of text was: “SB just offered to deliver me a baker’s dozen of coffee mugs to get me through the remainder of the day. Since I promised my boss I would not go into meetings and bring weapons, I wonder if flying projectiles in the form of a coffee mug would count?”  Work rant, I ‘m sure.  I do like the mode I was in because those first two lines weren’t bad.

And I will end your short tour through my Draft folder with that post.  I have a lot more of these, so maybe, in the future, I’ll do a second tour…….

I leave you on this wonderful Friday’s Eve with this motivational piece for today:

What do you think?

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