Daddy’s T-Shirt

During our time together, SB has given me two of his t-shirts.  In both cases, we had awoken after a night together when he offered me a t-shirt to wear as we got coffee ready.  And when I would go to take it off, he would say ” you look better in it than I do – keep it” – then send me home in it.

I cherish them both.  I wear them during the day when I miss him and want connection.

I sleep with him at night when I want to feel curled up against him, arms and legs wrapped around each other, feeling his breath and matching it to mine as we sleep.

Tonight I sleep in one of his t-shirts.

I am really missing him.

I am really feeling him.

And it is my way of trying to find a physical connection to him even though we are apart.

The last few nights and days have been rough as I have had to readjust to working instead of vacation schedules.  They have been rough with the news of people and their upcoming trials.  They have been rough with worried thoughts to those I care about – those I love – hoping that they know how much they mean to me and I love them.

I am hoping that the energy he has left behind is his t-shirt is still there – that it will still soothe me as I try to get good sleep.

Plus, I love and miss him like mad……and I just want to feel whatever connection I can with him….

What do you think?

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