Unexpected Day


I rarely sleep the night after I’m with SB.  It’s a funny phenomenon, but one I expect but don’t expect as well.  When we are together, I sleep deeper than I usually do.  I have wild and vivid dreams as our energy flows between us in bed.  And even when I don’t feel in deep slumber, I feel almost like I’m meditating.  It’s weird. It’s surreal. It just is.

Thank goodness.

So I usually come home – tired in need of a nap or good sleep –  but instead find myself so buzzing with energy that I can only get a catnap before I’m wide awake……for four hours……like last night.

When the alarm went off this morning, I seemed to be met with a comedy of errors – or obstacles to getting me out the door.  First I couldn’t wake up.  Then when I did, I found DJ in the shower — a teen girl takes at least a 30 minute shower.  So I went downstairs, logged into work email, and started getting bombarded with things – requests for information,  things for me to address, etc.

An hour later, I realized the shower was free – but realized too that I was not free to go to work because I had too much going on to break away from.

Fuck it – I thought – I’ll just work here.  I’m getting more done than if I were at work.  So, I told DJ she owed me a coffee – and dove back into work.

I mean, by the time I showered, got ready for work, left, and arrive in the office – it would have been 9:30.  Yeah, forget it.  That’s 2.5 hours into my day already……given I start at 7am usually.  Ah, screw it.

So I drank coffee, sat in bed, and worked on my laptop.  Yay for software “in the cloud”.  No remote connection to work needed.  Score!

Sometimes things work out for the best – today was one of those days.

And while at home, I got to say hello to a guy who played rugby with G – a giant bear of a man with a thor’s hammer hanging around his neck who is truly a gentle giant.  He told me “I have you are one of the people on Facebook whose posts I see first. I am in love with your photography – you inspire me to go out and do my own.  We need to talk more – and shoot more.”  What an amazing compliment!

I got to meet with the roofer who will be redoing our roof in a few weeks.  G found about a week ago that he was seeing sunlight in our attic – and not through a window but through a section of roof.  This roofer was professional – yet had an air of friendliness you often don’t encounter these days.  He started roofing at 17 – now at 40 owns his own company – it’s a passion and it shows.  I rarely am relaxed about these types of contractors – often feeling they are more salesman than anything.  This guy? Not at all.  I knew he was going to do the job – do it well – and do it right.  Nice change.

I got to marvel at my kids.  I worried for a long time that the teen years were going to bite me in the ass given how badly I treated my mom during that time of my life.  My memory of it is probably worse than it really was given I admit I wasn’t the easiest kid – and she and I were always at odds given I wasn’t “girly enough” for her.  Having two girls, I thought, I’m in deep shit.  Yet, today, they planned lunch, planned dinner, went to the store together, bought all they needed within their set budget, returned home, put everything away, and worked together to make lunch.  No fighting. No whining.  I noticed this on Griswald style family vacation too.  They watched out for each other – they gave each other space when they needed it.  They cracked each other up to the point they were crying from laughter.  One of the neatest things was seeing them with a neat coloring book I have, working on the same picture as they talked about friends, life, movies and comics.  I had hoped they would be friends underneath it all.  And I like that they are.  They have their moments when big sister needs time away from little sister – but those are rare…..instead they figure it out.  I love seeing that as these are moments they don’t hide – but just are.

I got to discover all of the little (and big) bruises I have all over my body from SB.  And smile at myself as I found yet another one.

I did get a lot of work done for work too.

Just in a different way than I had thought I would.

And it was like the universe said “this is what you need to do” and for once, I listened.

What do you think?

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