Photo-Expedition: Bust!


Before I left, I was super excited about going into the wilderness and shooting photos – lots of photos.

I was prepared too.  2 newly charged batteries for the camera.  Both compact flash cards cleared and ready to go.  I even brought my laptop and external drive in case I needed to off-load images if I took too many.

I was ready.

And then the bus broke down.

Several times.

So I only got a few shots.


I’m happy with what I got – don’t get me wrong.  But anticipating hundreds of photos and not getting anywhere near that was disappointing.  My photo expedition vacation was a bust.

Here is what I did get….


Our view from our campsite near Lake Diamond

 The view as the full moon rose over Mt Thielsen

More moon rise photos – I thought I was excited but a woman from the midwest somewhere was also ready to go – waiting for a good shot.

I love the reflection on the lake.

 Crater Lake – thru my wide angle lense.  I loved the reflection and was thankful I brought my filters with me so I could capture the blues as well as I did. I also love the reflection of Wizard Island in the clear blue lake.  It was gorgeous. Wish I could have seen more.

What do you think?

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