Mulling Over A Dream


I have learned over time that certain dreams are the simply the universe trying to tell me something.

While that is not 100% of the time, it’s a good 99%.

Last night was no exception.

I was pregnant.  While I was still married to G and dating SB, I was pregnant with another’s child – a guy who is into photography like me.

I was in labor with this man’s child,  alone, yet fully comfortable that whatever happened that G and SB would be with me – would support me.

So there I was, In labor with the bare minimum support in terms of medical support, yet feeling 100% supported by those I love – SB and G.

Labor was progressing – all was well – it was quiet and natural and expected – when I decided I needed to go to the bathroom alone, which was fine.

Being in the bathroom, I went to the bathroom – then the baby was to be born when I awoke.

It didn’t take much to figure it out from a dream analysis perspective.

I was giving birth to an idea that involved this other man who is into photography.

I knew I was fully supported by both of my partner – G and SB. Truly and fully. I recall talking to the nurse who was challenging how much support I had. But saying I had SB and G fully supporting me – even though they were not there was true.

Because here is the truth, I am trying to give birth to something that is only me. I need support but it is only something I can give birth to.  While the other guy is supposedly the father, photography is the common theme – I am supposed to recognize that he and I are doing something with photography.  Nothing that is threatening to anyone else. And that is not surprising given this week, we talked about gigs and specifically my gig this weekend – something I can do, but not something I do as planned which makes me nervous.

Going to the bathroom, the dream dictionary says I’m trying to get rid of the crap in my life. Easy interpretation, and so very true. I want the crap gone and the happy and good to remain.

The dream gives me a lot to think about.  Why? Because it has processed thru a lot of things that I have had go through my mind, yet I have been unsure – been fearful.

And my mind? My mind said jump.  My mind said go. My mind affirmed me. My mind knew those who love me will be fine.

And that – that is why nothing had me panicking – or worried or in a bad state. I know I am loved by two men who will support my happiness because for me to be happy is for them to be happy.

I guess I just need to give birth to this idea.

And have no fear..

I am loved.

What do you think?

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