What I Should Be Doing


Things I should be doing:

  • Updating my project schedule to see if we are still on track.
  • Putting projects in the new system.
  • Sending out an email to the new project team with the info they need.
  • Doing status reports.
  • Updating the remaining art tags with the updated info on it so I can put them up tomorrow before the show.
  • Promoting the show.

What I’m doing instead:

  • Sending texts explaining to G that drinking while on jury duty is bad and possibly something that could lead to arrest if he was too drunk and selected for a jury.
  • Watching kittens play and resisting the urge to go looking for a cat.  We haven’t had a cat in our house for the first time ever – in like 20 years almost – and it’s not easy.
  • Realizing it was 20 years ago that I was accepting an offer letter that resulted in G and me having to borrow money from everyone to afford to move to Oregon so I can take the job. Damn – that was 20 years ago. I feel old.
  • Telling SB that I love him. What can I say? I do. A lot. A whole fucking bunch.  I always knew I was poly.  And I’ve always explained it’s kinda like having more than one kid – you realize you have a shitload more love inside you than you thought you had before the second one was born.  Love is not finite and limited to a limited number of people.  But damn – it still blind sides me sometimes – how much I love him – how much he adds to my life, adds things I didn’t even realize I needed until it was there. Yeah.
  • Ignoring the person who annoys me with her non-sequiturs and need to be the center of all conversations.
  • Writing up information that hopefully can be turned into politically correct, non-confrontational explanations as to why the organization I’m working with needs as much funding as it does for a lease.  I had the pleasure (?) of learning a shitload of information about commercial leasing, zoning and occupancy codes.  Yeah.
  • Sending another text to G telling him that NO, the Church of Scientology is not a good place to visit during lunch.
  • Wondering if they are going to broadcast the Women’s World Cup games and hopefully on a channel we can get in the break room so I can ‘work’ while watching the games. Yay wireless.

Things that made me laugh:

I will never claim my sense of humor is appropriate and not twisted.

Scott Sterling is a hero!

(btw- the creator of that video is a sketch comedy group.)

Ok – I guess I should get some work done.

And take my allergy drugs because apparently I missed taking it this morning as the sinus headache is tell me right now.

But I leave you with this which, yeah – also made me laugh…

….I’m not right.

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