Motivational Monday

If you don’t understand, seek understanding instead of passing judgement.  And limiting the always and nevers are perfect too as all always and nevers do is limit you and confine you.  Don’t let yourself be shackled by them else something wonderful may come your way, and you won’t let yourself pursue it.

When someone is talking about something that they enjoy, you can see it in their face, hear it in their words, and feel their passion.  Don’t shit on that.  Don’t make them feel like what feeds them is dumb – and be careful you don’t say things that might make them feel they are unable to share who they are with you.


What you put out in the world, you get back.  Brene Brown has often said that gratitude is what cures a lot of things – being grateful can heal shame and fear and sadness, to name a few things. Practice it.


Letting in the negative can fuck with who you are in your head.  Guard the negative others will try to throw your way or make your issue.  Fiercely defend what goes into your head – because once in there, it’s not an easy thing to evict.

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