Thank the Universe!


Funny how the Universe works sometimes.

I wrote a post that was more rant than post, pushed publish, and *POOF* into the ether it went. Gone. No recovery – no nothing.  It was like an exercise where you write your feelings on a piece of paper and burn it.  Except with technology and typing.

It was like the Universe said: “Ok, Emmy, you got that off your chest – it’s done. No point hanging onto it.”

I can live with that.  It’s truly nothing to recreate.  Because in that moment, it was an eloquently crafted rant that cannot be recreated since the moment has passed.  Best I just leave it there.

After I wrote it and hit post (and subsequently lost the post), DJ got into the car.  I had been sitting outside, enjoying the gorgeous night and the free wi-fi from her taekwondo school.  I could feel her energy hit me the moment she opened the door.

“Sparring got that well, tonight?” I asked. “Who did you hurt?”

“Well….” she started, “I hurt Jay, but it was a weird situation where he brought up his knee to kick and I brought down my arm in a block and we were both going full speed and collided and he took the brunt of the collision.  He fell over, clutching his knee.  And, well, was pretty much done.  It was great.”

I really shouldn’t be so amused by the fact my 15 year old daughter enjoys hurting the boys during sparring, but I am.  I am because of her confidence.  Of the fact that the girls will not spar her because they are afraid of her – and the boys have dubbed her the King of Sparring because she kicks hard, uses blocks, and enjoys the hand-to-hand combat that sparring allows.

“I have bruises all over the place,” she grinned, “it’s great!”

Later when we got home, she sat at the island as I was cooking us dinner, taking photos of her bruises to send to her girlfriend.

I chuckled while shaking my head.  I have sent plenty of bruise pictures of my own….just not caused by someone other than the person I was dating.  When she asked why I was chuckling at this, I told her I would explain later…..when she was 18.

She’s just happy.  Today while looking at Woot, I found their t-shirt of the day was otters – her girlfriend’s favorite animal obsession.  Since DJ is always fretting about what to buy her for birthdays and holidays and such, I suggested she get it.  For $7 and another $5 for shipping, she cannot go wrong with the cheap otters.  I won Mom-of-the-Year by buying it so she wouldn’t lose out.

I’m hoping Indigo and G got to their event tonight OK.  They were going into the craziness of stopped traffic due to Obama being in town.  They had plenty of time – I hope they succeeded in making it on time.

Working downtown near where he will be staying tonight and attending a function made for an interesting day.  As the afternoon progressed, we were getting odd emails about the latest street closures.  They were expanding it as the day went on – a move that really didn’t surprise me.  People would say ” but the news says this is what time everything is happening” to which I would point out that we don’t know when anything is really happening as it would compromise security.  Imagine being in a meeting and seeing a secret serviceman walk through the building – and getting an email informing you that if you don’t leave by a certain time, you *might* be able to get out of the building through the parking garage that exits on a steet that may or may not be closed.  Yeah. That was my afternoon.

And my boss who was here from LA this week kept commenting that this was dumb.  “He’s in LA every other week – and we don’t shut down the city – we deal.”  I pointed out that LA is about 4 million people to Portland’s 600,000.  That LA is about 500 square miles to Portland’s 145 square miles.  I think impact is definitely going to be different.

Plus, I think he was complaining because he was half a block from the office.  So while the rest of us left early, he had no reason to. I think he was just jealous.

Today has been a great week but an odd one.  All I can say is this:

I am blessed.

I am loved.

And I have truly felt the amazing power of poly.  I have been stressed and all about a few things.  And no matter where I turned, I got love and support and humor and a desire to take care of me even though, I know, some of my stress affected them.  It is an incredible realization to have two people who love and care about me and get me – truly get who I am – and still love me.

May sound odd.  But I acknowledge that the universe has put me in a unique position – of having a lot of love with the ability to love back.

May have been stressful – but Gods am I lucky.

I do feel that on many levels.

Thank the Universe!


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