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I’m supposed to be doing a power point presentation for my boss about the software we want to buy.  Since I did all of the evaluation of it compared to the software the company already owns,  it makes sense I put it together.

Except, I’m not in the mood to do it.

So instead, I’m watching the live kitten cam.  I’m listening to a book on tape.  And I’m “researching” on the internet.

Every once in a while, I do a bit more on the presentation just so I can show some progress.  I would feel bad at my slow progress, but I keep hearing my boss bullshitting with some people here from other offices.  If I was smart, I’d listen to what they are saying because I could hear the good rumors.  But they slide shut his office door when the good stuff is discussed.

But I had the great gossip already today.

The Award for Best Moment Seeing Karma Strike goes to the asshole manager in accounting.

He is arrogant and tries to manage through fear.  He actually told an employee 1×1 that if the employee ever tried to report him to HR that he will end that employees career in this city.  That employee told him to fuck off and quit.  The stories that circulate about this manager are all true – and he basks in the craziness of them feeling it will just make people bend to his will.  Yes, he has said that to people.  One of the last employees he had in his group gave notice last week.  She is burned out (rightfully so given the group and the craziness), so he sent her an email with a spreadsheet to help her reevaluate what she should be doing for a career.  After entering in all the answers, she hit the button for what she should be – and got back “lap dancer”.  He has slipped up and documented his own sexist stupidity.  She took it to HR – threatened lawsuit unless they acted immediately.  He is currently on unpaid suspension until they figure their best course of action.  They should have fired him on the spot – but the fact everyone is cheering at the fact he’s gone is a good indicator of how many people he’s screwed over with his bullshit.  Ironically, this means his career is likely over because this is a small city – and given the number of good people he has screwed over, he is kinda fucked.

Thank you, Karma!

Going back to my lack of motivation, I know some of it is because I’m just so blissfully happy.  I feel like all parts of my life are good – all are in synch – all are as they should be.  It has truly been a while since I have felt that way.

I mean, I could dwell on the minor things that have made things not ideal, but they are truly pebbles in the road – not huge boulders in the road.  No need focusing on them – they are there – they happen – but they are easily kicked aside so why let them influence my bliss.

My birthday yesterday was awesome.  Spent the evening with the four people I love – my kids, G and SB.  We had dinner – we had cake – and we all had a good evening.  I went to sleep truly happy – buzzing from the evening.

So being happy and all is making me unmotivated to put together a boring presentation about all of the problems the team has and why software will help solve the.  HELP is the key word. I’ve been an IT person for too long to believe that software is the solution to any problem.  It is only as good as the processes they are supporting.

Hmm….maybe that’s my angle.

Anyway – I’m also unmotivated because I really really REALLY want to play with my new lens attachment for my iPhone.  Ztylus is the system.  It’s a case that allows you to snap on a 4 lens disk.  It’s taking some neat photos.  Neat photos like this:



That’s pretty freaking cool!

I want to play more.

Not work on this dumb presentation.


Ok – I just need to finish it.

I would rather have a nap.

But we’ll see if I can find the motivation.

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