Random Thought While Hiding At Work


Yesterday sucked.

So I came into work today and decided to hide.  While that may sound hard to do if I mentioned I am also in the cubicle world, I actually have it quite easy.  I stand at work, meaning I stand at a desk and work that way.  When I moved to this floor, I almost went back to sitting after standing for close to 3 years.  The cubicle walls up here are like 4ft tall therefore only giving privacy if everyone is sitting.  Standing at the desk is great – but I see everything and everyone. I’m like the greeter for this part of the floor or something.  I eventually (less than 10 days after I moved) that I needed to stand.  This sitting stuff was for dogs.  They raised my desk and made me happy.

I discovered after a few months that if I want people to leave me alone – I sit.  I have two desks – one could not be raised.  If I sit at it and type of my laptop, people don’t think I’m at work.  Tricky, huh?

I have had people walk right up to my cube wall, look over me to my standing desk, mutter aloud “where is she”, and walk away.  All I have to do is not laugh.

So today I am sitting.  Sitting, headphones one, listening to music – and ignoring everyone.


So I’ve worked on my status report and other administrivia bullshit.  I’ve looked up places for SB and I to stay in June when we go back to commune with the ocean over a bottle or six of wine.  I’ve poked around online a bit too.

And found things like this:

(from his photo shoot for Attitude magazine)

For those who didn’t see the movies or who haven’t seen this actor as an adult – this is the guy who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter Movies.

I’ve decided this should be a part of an “It’s get better” campaign targeted at awkward pre-teens who seem like they will never grow out of it –

Or for the guys reading this going “oh lord” at the fact I’m ogling a now-legal child actor….

Animals eating berries which makes them look like monsters.  Gruesome!

Then I read The Bloggess and her latest post about how last night she declared herself President and took over Canada.

On there she showed her new socks.

I am in love.

I want every fucking pair.

They use the world fuck……

a LOT.

Blue Q Socks

Damn – now my boss is pestering me…..can’t hide on skype (or at least not in a way that would keep him from calling).

Happy Thursday!

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