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My brain is going to mush. I have been translating someone else’s poorly written project plan and manually entering it into the new system we are going to use.  Great system – neat features – but damn!  Take someone else’s stupid plan – and try to translate it – and, well, I need a drink.

The only saving grace is that I am listening to an audio book since not much thought is required.  I am listening to the latest book in the Fever series.  And, well, I’m realizing as I’m listening to it how annoyed I am at a plot device the author employed to get more into the other characters.  On one hand, I like the interaction. I like hearing the backstory and the depths to the other characters that, until this point have been a mystery.  But….yeah, there is a but – I hate that to do it, she made the main character (who is also the primary narrator) invisible.  Yes, it got that character out of a bad situation – but for several chapters after that, she used her super power to simply sneak into private conversations and listen with her color commentary.  Ugh.  Oh well.

I had a funny interchange with a guy I went to high school with and who graduated a year ahead of me.  I can maybe think of two times he and I ever exchanged words in a conversation.  He was simply in the circle of people some of my friends were part of.  The band geeks, if memory serves.  About a year ago, he made a friend request of me on Facebook.  I accepted it because it seemed pretty harmless – and it has been.

Yesterday, G and I wandered a trail in a wildlife refuge where I took photos and, apparently, was eaten by bugs (itch, itch, itch).  I was able to identify most of the birds after the fact – thanks to both the active spotted list on the refuge site and Googling the birds for picture comparisons.  One I could not find – and the other two I knew were wrens of some sort and didn’t both labeling them.  He looked at the photos, expressed how cool they were (I caught a rarely seen woodpecker with my camera), then went and identify the birds I missed.  I was impressed because he has lived and grown up in Iowa his entire life – and he’s identifying birds from the west coast.  Impressive.

It was just funny to me – to have more of a connection via Facebook over bird photos than we ever had in a high school of maybe 800 kids in total.

I was talking to my cohort next to me in cubicle land this morning who made an interesting comment “this place has an air quality issue  – I sometimes have to leave the building and go on a walk to clear my head as it is like a haze that sets in that makes me unable to focus and all.”

For the last year, I have felt exactly this way. A few years ago when I sat on a different floor, four people got struck with the same, weird allergic reaction where their eyes got red and swollen and required steroid cream to keep under control. Supposedly air quality was testing and came back fine.  But it was weird.  And to this day, all four have seen allergist and dermatologists – they have swapped out all their soaps and shampoos and all for stuff that should not cause allergies.  And all still have to use a prescription to keep it under control.

A year ago, I started having some of the same issues.  Others were reporting the same thing.  And there are days where I feel hazy even with allergy drugs on board.  Like my cohort, when I go outside, I can feel it clear – not just because I’m in natural light (we have a lot of natural light on this floor) but because the air feels cleaner.  I wondered if it was me and my allergies getting the better of me.  Nope.  It’s not just me.

I played secretary for my boss this afternoon.  He just go in from the airport, was 2 minutes from starting a conference call when he begged me to go to Starbucks and get him  lunch.  I told him I would after laughing at him – then went over and got him a sandwich and tea.

I’d rather play secretary for Daddy.  Now that could be a fun scene. Grin.

Coming into work today was weird.  First, as I’m going across one of the bridges to get to the office, I noticed the streetcar, bicyclists, and cars are all stopped.  Finally I see why.  A homeless guy with his pants around his ankles was waddling across the lanes of traffic at a random point in the road.  He was laughing and waving to people as he weaved back and forth before finally getting out of the way.  I was just thankful he was wearing underwear. I hadn’t had enough coffee at that point to have dealt with a partially nude homeless guy in traffic.

I was still shaking my head when I pulled into the parking lot near work.  As I’m navigating my car into a parking space, a guy gets out of his car and walks right in front of me as I’m pulling into the space.  I hit the breaks – and he acts like I’m not even there.

WTF, I thought.  I start pulling forward again when I have to hit the breaks again.  Another person gets out of the car (the car was located in a space kitty corner from the one I am pulling into) and walks right in front of me again.

I’m sitting there wondering if I should try again or if it was a clown car full of stupid people.  I pull into the space finally and shut off the car.  Both idiots walk over to their car again – this time taking the path they should have in the first place.  I got out of the car shaking my head. They pretended no one was around as they wandered where ever they were going.  Wonder if they are going to expect a train to stop for them instead of looking both ways.  Drugs are bad, I think, is the message for today.

As I’m walking from the lot to my work, I almost got hit by a bicyclist who was on the sidewalk.  I jumped just as a noticed he almost took me out from behind. “Sorry I startled you,” he commented as he rode off.  Dude, you didn’t startle me because you were on a bike or because you are black.  You startled me because you stopped 2 inches short of hitting me.  I shook my head and decided to just to get into the office where it was hopefully safer.

Then I came into the office to find the bullshit director had been emailing me all weekend.  He gave me less than 24hrs to do a fucked up status report format he had decided we must use now instead of the old one which was pretty much the same, just not his.  I had forgotten to send him what I put together.  I did only part of it because I think it’s stupid.  Plus, I hate people who must change shit, not to gain value, but because it is their only way to leave a mark.  What a dumbass.

I decided after that I should just lay low – get my coffee – and do mindless work.  Yay for mindless work.


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