I Want An Owl

That is how it started – a simple tweet:

Me: Rewatching Harry Potter movies and realizing how much I want an owl as a pet. I’m sure the dog would love a pet owl to hang out with.

And as can happen with the right followers, it quickly went downhill….

RLoTFC: hooooo wouldn’t? Hahahahah…*cough*…*choke*…*sigh*

Me: it had to be said 🙂

RLoTFC: I’m glad you understand. Interesting choice for hooky day porn though. I mean that Wesley boy is hot…but still…  (note: he had suggested the previous day that my sick day was actually a watch-porn-all-day)

Me: Hot is interesting, but it’s all about how he can wave his wand!

RLoTFC: expultricios! *trusting in google translate here*

Me: Why do I now have visions of growth charms being passed around for, ahem, extra enhancement purposes?

RLoTFC: because you’re in my dreams!

Me: Then think of the porn mags they would be sharing. Who would need the internet!

RLoTFC: why am I wondering whether you’d find the cruciatus curse not merely forgiveable, but enjoyable?

Me: “oh Daddy, not the cruciatus curse again!” 😉

RLoTFC: “if you’re a good girl I may show you my parseltongue.”

Me: Wonder if instead of Master/slave it would be Master/house elf?

RLoTFC: I’d make sure to not wear socks. And now I hear “Emmy loves Master’s cock!” In a high pitched English accent. “Emmy is always having to punish herself for something, sir.”

Me:  LOL! OMG now I have to re-read the books or watch the movies again w/ this bend.

RLoTFC: we’re very very wrong. And assuredly not the first. I’m not gonna google fanfic. Nope. Not gonna.

Me: No – you don’t want to google that because it would not be as good what we’re coming up with. Teens aren’t this creative yet 😉

RLoTFC: most adults neither.

Me: Very true.

RLoTFC: there’s a kinky photo project in this somewhere. Involving socks and Harry potter books. And tits.

Me: Yeah – tits are also a critical element.

RLoTFC: always. They’re the best!

Me: Few would consider how good of a poly triad Harry, Ron and Hermione would make.

RLoTFC: I genuinely think that’s how the books shoulda ended.

Me: Though, I’m ok with adding Ginny to the mix because (in the books) I suspect she was more exciting in bed than Hermoine. In the movies, Ginny is boring.

RLoTFC: I dunno. I like smart, serious women. Once you loosen em up…

Me: There’s an inappropriate comment in there – insert right spell here

RLoTFC:  innuendotorius!

It continued going downhill from here with comments about Harry Potter inspired dirty things happening at the beach with Daddy – anal fiesta (a graffiti pic coming back into the conversation)  – and analubricus! and engorgeo charms being used

RLoTFC: greedy girl

Me: LUCKY girl! 🙂

Me: Yeah, this is going on my blog.

RLoTFC: Of course it is.

From “I want an owl” to “anal fiesta”…..this is truly what Twitter is for…..

PS: My apologies to those who have never read Harry Potter or seen the movies (if you’ve only seen the movies – go buy the books ASAP!).

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