What A Difference A Day Makes!


When I walked into work yesterday, I thought “oh fuck – it’s a continuation of Wednesday….ugh!”

I got immediately hit with three untrue things that were being spread around – all things that made it look like I was not doing my job – when, in fact, I am all over it and have been for months.  So my to-do list became more of a hit list of people who needed to be fixed else, well, they may be hit.

As the day went on, I got the cats aligned and in order as they needed to be without death.  And I realized how quickly I had turned around this day.  Though, truth be told, I think my energy was communicating the truth which was “you don’t want to fuck with me today because if you do, I will kill you with my coffee cup” – and that was definitely picked up on by those who reacted appropriately.

Good call on their end.

Hell, I even put my energy into getting my lunch meeting canceled.  Though I knew that wouldn’t take much given the tight schedules of those who needed to meet.  It’s funny what a small amount of win can do in terms of feeling like the day is turning around.

I left to go to the club to get the labels on the art before the opening.  I knew before I left that there were about 140 people who have RSVP’d between two different social media sites with another 125 who said “maybe”.  This show had all the potential to be our largest show in all the time I’ve been running the gallery.  Labels went up without a hitch – got ready for the opening – all the volunteers were on time – all seemed to be on a better track than usual.

The doors opened and there was a line!

Holy shit! We don’t have lines?!?

The show is 2 hrs long – withing 30 minutes, we had 100 people in the place.  100 people is our target each show – and I HAD 100 PEOPLE in 30 MINUTES!!  And it was already chaos.

SB came in during one of the waves – and I knew he was there before I saw him.  It’s funny how I can feel his presence.  I turned to look for him – and there he was.  We embraced – and in that embrace – the last two says left my body. I exhaled. I was on an even keel again. I knew that whatever drama anyone would try to bring would not find a landing place tonight – it was all right.

And it was.

One thing that came up that I had anticipated was less stressful than it could have been.  There were people there who normally do not attend but were enjoying the show, enjoying the interactions, and seemed pretty surprised at how great it was.  That made me happy.

The whole night made me happy. Talking to people, necking with SB, listening and watching the buzz created by the art – it was amazing.

After the show was done, SB took me to a fabulous Chinese place that is truly filled with exceptional dishes. We sat there talking about the show, our days, geeky stuff, everything  – sipping some organic green tea of the perfect strength, sharing food with each other as we basked in each other’s energy.

I went to bed with my belly full, feeling loved, and just plain blessed. Truly blessed.

I woke up with that same feeling – the same smile I feel asleep with – the same calm.

The day has gone the same way. It’s funny how the right things – the right people – can get you into the right place where the positive you feel is projected out and comes back.

Like I said, I am blessed.

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