True Words For This Morning

And I’m still up because of a fucked-up conversation with my brother.  He was lonely, I think – and likely high or drunk or both.

I guess it’s that last part I need to remember – and take the things he said with a pillar of salt.

Because while he likes to lay guilt on me for shit with the family, it’s funny to me that I’m the only one that gets this guilt.  Even though the road goes both directions just like the phone rings both places too, it is conveniently forgotten when someone feels the need to blame.

Ironically, he blamed – right after I tried to absolve him a bit of his shame.

No good deed, I guess…..goes unpunished.

Note to self: if awake in the middle of the night, ignore any messages (IMs or texts included) from my family.  Let them think you are asleep – it’s better that way.

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