The Psychiatrist Is Not Me

I wonder if I would get fired if I posted this in my cubicle?

This is how I truly feel and have felt all fucking week.

It’s either that or I’m going to put forth a shingle with “Psychiatrist is IN: $50/hr” – then send invoices to those who seem to believe they should get this service for free.

This seems to be my advice for today:

“Look, I know you have trust issues.  The previous IT regime (who has all been fired since) gave you shitty code and ignored the issues that have had huge negative impacts on your job.  I get that.  But do you think going into every situation with the negative attitude that they are just going to screw you over is going to lead to a positive outcome?  Do you really think that going into this project with the belief it will fail and not meet your needs will generate outcome other than a failed project that doesn’t meet your needs?  Negative does one thing – beget negative.  Want a change? Be positive – work positively for a positive outcome – and there will be a positive outcome!  It is only grim and dire and hard because you are making it that way!”

I could go on about how people respond to negative with negative. How if you want people to actually come to the table and help, you probably shouldn’t drag them through the mud for the actions they were forced to take my previous management but instead, partner with them with an attitude of “let’s get this done – and done right – so we can all be onto other things”.  How if you keep having an underlying attitude of “like you’ll listen to us anyway” how people will stop listening to you  – and how people will stop advocating for you.

And then I’d end with “if you are coming into this job daily with the idea that everything is going to fail, you have to fight to get any progress, and people are out to screw you, it is truly time to re-evaluate what you are doing here.  Seriously.  The stress is killing you – it’s a sign that it’s time to find a new job.”

Thought maybe for my own sanity, I need to take this tack instead:

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