Channeling Wednesday

I think I was channeling my inner Wednesday Addams today.  I don’t look like a problem, but most homicidal maniacs don’t.  And because my boss would ask, I must assure that I was not armed – though it may have helped the project if I was.

I came out of that meeting really wishing I could have smacked the people in it across the head ….

…..with a frying pan…..

….or a machete.

A gun – well, it would have been too impersonal for me.  I needed a physical outlet of striking someone with something.  Not even throwing something would have satiated it.

Politicking will bring out my homicidal maniac every time!

While I initially joined this project and felt sympathetic for everyone on it, it quickly changed to apathy. I truly could care less about the history because, well, I’m focused on getting shit done.  I mean, this has been going on too long … now? Just get the fucking project done already.  I’m already sick of it, dammit.

As I told someone today, these fuckers are driving me to drink.


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