Sitting and Waiting

Here I sit – in the dealership where I bought my car, waiting for the service to be completed.  I got here a bit earlier than I intended, so my hour-long wait will be a bit longer.  Though, these guys are pretty awesome in terms of exceeding expectations.  Hell, the service manager recognized me, apologized proactively on how the online scheduling system screwed up my appointment, and assured me he fixed it once he saw who I was.

Nothing like a service manager making me feel more important than I really am.  Though, that is the way I have been treated since the broker found the car I wanted at this particular dealership.  I was getting an amazing deal – better than I could have gotten if I had come here directly, yet the owner of the dealership personally handled everything and treated us like we were the most important people to walk into his dealership all day.

I guess it’s why I still make the 35 minute drive her instead of the 10 minute one to the server center I used to use with my last car.  There is something nice about coming to a place where you don’t feel like you need a shower after leaving.

So here I sit.  Waiting for the car, being online via Skype so that work can ping me if they need me, and letting my mind wander to the weekend with Daddy that will begin this afternoon.  I am grateful for G – getting SB and me a place for the weekend on the coast so that we could have some time together before the family and I go back east for a week.  While it was just 2 weeks ago that we were in Vegas together, the month of March has become a crazy one for SB and me.  Too much happening – though we have made time where we could.  Just nice having some solid time before the craziness resumes.

Then next week, it’s DC with the family.  Wowza.  I’m looking forward to taking photos of all of the places I saw last time we were there (15 yrs ago) but I was without a camera.  We’ll see how many places I’m not allowed to take photos too.  This will be interesting.

I’m also eager for both girls to see the Naval Academy.  It may sound weird, but when we were there 15 yrs ago, I was blown away by what I saw. It was not what I had ever imaged a military academy to be.  I knew a student from my high school who went to the Air Force Academy, knew what an honor it was, but never realized what it truly was.  I want my kids to go into looking at post-high school education with their eyes wide open to all their possibilities.  Plus, it will be good to see and understand why this place was so important to Brian’s grandfather.

Spending all that time with the in-laws…..yeah, not looking forward to that, so I’m focusing on the positive.

The thing I am sad about? All the snow has delayed the blooming of the cherry blossoms in Washington.  That would have been cool timing had we been there when they started.  I know it would have been a mad house, but still. Oh well.

Indigo needs to stop growing. She came home last night and gave me a hug. I felt like I was hugging G – I felt so tiny.  I looked down at her feet to see if she was wearing tennis shoes or something with a heel.  “Moe, these boots barely have a heel – you’re just short,” she responded to my non-verbal inquiry.  That kid is going to be much taller than any of us have thought.

Oh, and G shared with me that her math teacher this year has her number.  (Ok that pun was unintentional, but anyway….)  Indigo has always been good with math.  She sat in the backseat when she was 3-4 years old and made up her own story problems because she figured out adding and subtracting before she knew what they were.  I thought it was a fluke but nope – she had it figured out.  Everyone every year comments how her math skills are better than she shows people.  This year, the math teacher knows how she is, so chunks things up so that Indigo can’t just get bored and screw around. Needless to say, she has demonstrated she is so off the charts for her own age that she may end up in advanced math next year.  Finally!

I leave you with the view I hope to see on our drive out to the coast….

Happy Friday!

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