Back to Earth


After a wild ride in Vegas, he dropped me off at home – we hugged, kissed each other good-bye, wished each other good sleep, and he went home too.

I don’t think his car was out of sight before it hit me – that splat that occurs after an intense experience…..drop.

While I was happy to be home, to see my kids both furry and human, to see G, to sleep in my own bed, it’s never easy to leave something so intense and good.  It’s never easy to shift gears and come back down because, well, there is no coming back down like an easy landing between an experience and real life – it isn’t like a plane landing….the reality is the transition is more like  a switch. You are having it – then you are not.

I’m sure I’ll be processing our time together these last 5 days. What am I talking about, I will be processing it.  But for now, it’s self care.  It’s being thankful and feeling blessed to have this time with SB that didn’t go as planned, but turned into an amazing and great adventure of its own.  It’s feeling loved and loving him – loving the fact we could be together for all that time and have such a great time.  Love the fact that he picked me up with a cold – with anxiety about flying – and took care of me the whole time.  I truly am one blessed girl.

This will be a time I reflect upon and smiling to myself.

Just right now – the smiles and grins may be through a few tears.

But I would not trade it for anything.

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