Trying To Turn It Around

I’m not in a great mood. Partially I woke up on the wrong side of the bed – partially I feel like I’m a broken record asking for the same thing over and over again without any real hoping of getting what I need.  Layer onto it this feeling I get at times that in my life, my stuff is community property while others are allowed to have their stuff. Petty, I know – but when you go looking for something you got special for yourself only to find others have helped themselves to it…..well, it’s annoying to say the least and disrespectful to be blunt.  But I digress.

SO it’s Friday – a day I’m happy is here – but I’m pissy. God help the first person who steps on my last nerve today….it’ll be like they stepped on a landmine.

I’m trying to snap out of it.  Coffee? Check.  Elephants mud wrestling?


Baby elephant who wants to cuddle his human friend?

Check. (AND it turns out that this is the baby elephant my coworker cuddled with when she was in Thailand a week earlier than when this video was shot.  She described her encounter with the baby elephant exactly how this guy’s encounter went – too funny!)

Encouraging the use of a 2×4 on someone who believe an autoimmune disease is contagious? Check.

When the tax manager comes by to show you how she “looks like she’s just putting lipstick on a pig when she wears her new scarf” because she “is so fat”, be happy you kept the comment of “no it’s your horrible personality that makes you look like you’re trying to put lipstick on a pig” to yourself?  Check.

<— yeah that image is about right today.



That thing I’m happiest about today? My annoying pest is ignoring me on IM. I think she does that as a test to see if I’ll reach out – but what she doesn’t understand is I’m sick of listening to the same crap. At one point, I had a bingo card I’d use to see how quickly I could get bingo on her key words.  Usually it’s by noon.


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