Photos: Chinese New Year

This week, we saw the start of the Lunar New Year which is celebrated by many cultures as the start of their own new year.  Unlike the calendar new year, the lunar new year is marked by the cycles of the moon vs number of days.  As a result, the start fluctuates each year.  This year, the start of the lunar new year was the 19th of February – but in cultures like the Chinese, the celebration lasts all week.

Our local Chinese Garden had celebrations all week.  As a member, I always try to remind myself that I need to get tickets so I can go and watch the lighting of the lanterns – but always forget.  Yesterday, I went down there hoping to catch the place still decorated.  And it was – but I was one of hundreds of people there which made photographing it as I had hoped a bit of a challenge.  I finally gave up because getting bumped into as I’m trying to take a shot is not my favorite.  But I did get a few great images.  (Oh, and because the light was harsh, I was VERY happy I was shooting RAW vs JPG as it allowed me to “fix” the color easier in Lightroom.)



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