My Pre-Vacation To-Do List

I have no motivation today.  Not surprising given I am taking 3 days of work off for a long 5 day weekend with SB.

So this is my to-do list:

  • Coffee – done
  • Sign counter-offer letter on the condo we’re buying – done
  • Write this week’s program status report – done
  • Send this week’s status report – done
  • Explain to my boss for the 100th time why the tool he wants us to use won’t do what he wants it to do – done
  • Hear Tax manager’s daily rant – done
  • Take lots of stuff to help this cold either go away quickly or not take hold at all – in process
  • Do laundry – done
  • Pack – in process
  • Make list of things I want to make sure I have with me so I don’t forget to pack them
  • Set “Out of Office” reply in email – done (yay scheduling feature!)
  • Look at the weird links G sends me…like this. – done
  • Don’t kill anyone at work – in process
  • Try not to be distracted by thoughts of things to come over the next 5 days – in process (and failing….miserably!)
  • Hang onto the excited bouncing feeling while ignoring the worry about things going well – in process
  • Don’t let the internet distract me  – in process

That’s what I have so far. Now to get them done….that is the real challenge.

Oh and did I mention there will be firemen doing rope evacuation drills off the top of our building today?

Yeah, I’m ready for vacation.

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