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This is exactly my mantra right now. I talked to two different people last night about how there are certain social gatherings I have attended recently where it’s almost like watching a play.  The players walk in and all gravitate to whatever drama or play-within-a-play they seem to be an actor in.  Shakespeare would truly have a fun time with all of this drama.  Except I think he’d make it a comedy.

It is funny how, like in a Shakespearean play, there are those who are the fools, those who are the commoners, and those who are the instigators of the various dramas.  Watching these people float around – between dramas, stirring up this, breaking up that, carefully placing daggers in the backs of those unsuspecting.  The swirling and twirling definitely makes me appreciate the fact I am —-> over there with a beer. Only thing missing is popcorn, though there is something to be said about being in the time of Shakespeare where you could throw rotting veggies and all at the bad actors or the bad story.

Overall, I am grateful to be watching versus in the middle of it.  And I am grateful that even when people try to drag me in – it is only a half-assed attempted because  I am not a player in the middle of all the bullshit.  And while they may try to pin shit on me, it doesn’t hold because it’s all made up bullshit.  I don’t give them anything in terms of dirt.  And those who try to find the dirt, well, they are only trying to mask the true unhappiness they feel in their own lives in kind by diverting attention away from their own shortcomings.  It’s sad really – the amount of effort they put into that – because if they put it into fixing their own situation, they would truly be much happier.

As a friend told me last night, he has spent the past year working on his own life – his own relationships – and doing so outside of the community because, well, it is like the high school drama has high school drama – and he just has better things to pay attention to.  Amen.

Yesterday before my boss left to fly back home, he warned his team – things are going to get ugly over the  next couple of weeks.  I always chuckle to myself when people are surprised at how a major leadership change in the company can create a ripple effect through all layers.  I mean, new leaders, new ideas, new structure – and in the end, people are on board or they are out the door.  I have seen it too many times to ignore the pattern. I now expect it to happen.  Yet, I work with those who haven’t seen it like I have.  I guess they have all been lucky to not have experienced a company trying to turn around their loss of earnings through major leadership change.  Ahh, so young and naive.

Or I’m just old and cynical about these things.

So now I’m laying bets as to who gets the ax in the departments I work with including the department I left – IT.  Even if I had stayed, I would not have worried about losing my job because I’m fought over (no that isn’t ego, but well documented – in the management meetings the last two weeks, it was brought up repeatedly that my boss stole the only person in IT who could manage the stuff they are implementing).  Yet, I’ve got bets on who will lose their jobs and who should.  Sadly, they don’t always match.  I hate seeing people unemployed so I hate to sound callous by saying it that way – but there are people who got us into the big ol’ mess we are now in the middle of – so I hope they get removed so we can actually fix it.

In the meantime, I’ll have my umbrella handy.

Proving there is an app for everything now……

What’s next? An app for helping parents discipline their kids? I can see it now.

Siri asks “what did your child do wrong?”

“She hit another child.”

Siri: “Do you believe in spanking?”


Siri: “How old is your child?”


Siri: “Put your child in timeout for 4 minutes.  Do you want me to set a timer for you?”


Hmmm….maybe I should stop this joke here as I may be missing an opportunity.

This…..this is a picture of what happens when things come together.  A few weeks ago as I submitted my stuff to SEAF, I wondered what I was going to do if I actually got accepted into the show.  Why? Because the images are a bit more explicit than usual – and my usual printing resource? well, they could go either way in terms of printing out the photos or saying “no way, this is pornographic.”  In that moment, I realized it was time to invest in a real printer.  It was time to actually take my photos off my computer and get them into the real world where people can see them.

I knew this was the printer to get – Epson Stylus Pro 4800 or 4900 now.  I looked to see the price – and realized it was as much if not more than my Macbook Pro.  Damn.  I searched around and almost just bought a new one for a good price, but stopped myself.  I needed to be patient or find a used one.  So I started looking on the usual places only to find that nothing was coming up.

Fast forward a few weeks to Wednesday night.  I ran into a professional photographer friend of mine who had recently on Facebook lamented about some issues he was having with printing out he photographs for his upcoming show.  He ultimately got it resolved, so I was checking with him to see if it put him behind schedule.  He commented that while it can be a pain in the ass once in a blue moon, having his own printer for times like this is worth it.  Turns out he has the printer I was looking at.

“I really need to find a used one – I need to start printing off my images,” I commented.

“You are beyond past a time you need to start printing off your images, ” he commented, “I know someone selling his printer.”

I immediately told him to give the guy my contact info – I was interested.

I came home that night to find a message from the guy selling it.  I knew him, it turned out.

“For you, I’ll give you a really good deal because I really want you to have it – and I really want it gone.”

He gave me beyond a good deal.

So I have some organizing to do, and I’ll have my printer Sunday.  Nothing like having the universe align just perfectly for me – and having it work out exactly as it was supposed to work out – only because I was patient and focused on the what outcome I wanted vs focusing on my frustration I couldn’t afford a new one.

This also caused another discussion to happen that affects the household.  It was like positive dominoes falling as they should.  Fuck, I even had my friend last night who is a bit of snob about art laugh and love my SEAF submissions.  Who knows – maybe that’ll work out too.

And because it’s Friday the 13th, I’ll leave you with this:

Happy Friday!

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