“That’s My Good Girl”

“That’s a good girl,” he told me, “I know you can take a little more for Daddy.”

And with those words, he pushes my boundaries further – further than I thought I could take.

And I moan, and I groan, and I take it.

“Now that’s my good girl – that’s my baby, taking it for Daddy.”

And with those simple words, I am willing to take even more for him, giving him whatever part of me I can give him, for Daddy.

Boundaries melt away.

I am under his careful control.

And that can only happen because he is my Daddy – and he will not break me – just push me to places I may not expect to go.

That is intimacy and intensity and love and caring and trust – all wrapped around our kinky play.

The reasons scenes like this work so very well.

And why scenes like this will create such an energy high between us that we will be feeling the after effects long after it ends.  Simple words that, even writing them, can cause the same physical response they do when he says them in person.

“That’s my good girl.”

What do you think?

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