Northern Oregon Coast

G and I spent the weekend in a clean inn on the port of a small town.  The inn, we think, is really geared to those going out deep sea fishing or crabbing in the harbor given its location is right across the street from the boat ramp.  The boats start coming in to launch at 5am.  It isn’t horrible in terms of noise, just something that is part of the charm, I guess.

Yesterday, the fog was amazing.  I was happy because earlier in the week, seeing the fog as I have gone into work, I have been wanting to go out and shoot some photos.  I got my chance yesterday.

It has been months since I’ve gone out and taken photos. Months.  G got my camera cleaned for me – getting all the spots off of my mirror inside.  So it was definitely ready for me to shoot with it.  I just really hadn’t. Until yesterday.

200+ photos later – and I was beyond happy.  We drove from where we were staying to further up to Oregon coast – further than we had expected to drive.  Overall, I was happy with the photos.  Not even thinking about it when we left, I left some of my gear including my zoom lens in the hotel.  So,  I was limited to what I had on my camera.  A situation that was fine until I spotted a bald eagle sitting in the middle of a pond.  And couldn’t really get a good photo of it.  Oh well.

I think it’s easy sometimes to forget to feed that side of your brain that thing that drives you in ways other things do not.  I guess what I remembered this weekend – don’t do that again.  It’s as necessary as good nutrition or exercise.



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  1. Dana C says:

    I have been up and down both the west coast and the east coast (with a wee bit of the Gulf Coast) and I have to say that the northern Oregon coast is – by far – the most majestic of them all!! Beautiful photos Emmy 🙂

    1. emmyrtws says:

      Thank you, Dana! I commented to G this weekend that I am so happy we live where we do – such beauty.

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