Self Care at 3am

I found myself awake at 3 am – missing his body wrapped around me as he does when I’m in his bed.

I rolled on my back – and just that act made me remember everything from yesterday when we were together.

I could feel the places on my skin the flogger, paddle and leather strap had hit.  Closing my eyes, I was bent over his bed again – moaning and mewing and crying out as he struck me over and over again with his implement of choice in that moment.

Just that memory caused my pussy to contract and get wet – the conditioned response to this act, it seems.  I slid my hand between my legs and found that place that would give me the release I was starting to need.

And as I touched myself in the dark, I replayed more of the events –

Laying on his bed, his fingers in my cunt as he found that perfect place that makes me cum over and over again – feeling his mouth on my nipple as he bites it – increasingly harder knowing my body will simply respond by sending me into another orgasm…..

Laying across his lap during our morning coffee as he spanked me….

Bending over his bed, feeling the leather strap strike me over and over again  – then hit my cunt just perfectly causing me to jump…..

His hand in my hair as he gave me the anal pounding I had been craving ….

Just replaying these events – feeling my muscles tighten as I came closer to my climax – muscles that were sore from the events of earlier just adding to the rapid build….my breathing increased – until I finally came hard and fast, my heart pounding in my chest, a loss of breath as it overtook me.

As I calmed down, I closed my eyes and felt him wrap himself around me – just like he does after all of these things…..and drifted to sleep again.

Even as I write about my 3 am moment – I squirm in my chair feeling the sore spots – and long for some more.

What do you think?

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