A Very Tight Schedule

Yeah, this kind of summarizes my work week this week.  I started worrying it was just me – but spent about an hour this morning talking to the accountant on my project about the same thing.  He’s bored too.  The fact we spent an hour talking about random shit was definitely an indication of how things are going for both of us.  And no, I did not speak to him for an hour just so I could listen to his wonderful French accent.

Have I mentioned the upside of working at an international company is the fact this site is filled with people from all over the world?  Great accents – if you have an accents fetish.

So I have spent the day doing important things – like booking the rest of the erotic art shows for the local swinger’s club, I mean, “lifestyle club”.  I have 11 artists showing in 6 shows next year.  Should be an interesting mix of art.  Also, I am bringing into the mix two new people.  My goal of getting rid of negative in my life is on track.  I’m adding two new, enthusiastic and positive people to the crew.  I figured the other two will either turn around or run away.  If they do neither, I will make the choice for them. But at least I have two people in place to pick up the slack instead of leaving me to deal with the chaos that is the show each month.  Actually , more like the promotion of the show each month. The rest is pretty cut-and-dry in terms of routine.  Last show almost left me in a lurch – thankfully I have a good friend who came through for helping me.

I have done some work today.  I’m fixing project plans as the big roll  out to the countries resumes soon. The upside of being out of the IT department is not having to deal with that bullshit. The downside? I had to take the IT project with me instead of transitioning it to someone else.  Oh well, at least I have no ramifications for reporting the truth now. Bwahahaha!

I would like to thank the building management for fucking up my ability to work today too.  It’s cold outside – colder than a usual Portland day.  All morning, I have been cold, but that’s why I carry a fleece coat with me to work.  Better cold than hot is my philosophy.  They turned up the heat. It is now way too warm.  Post lunch, and I want to take a nap.  Yeah, I’m tired, but make me warm too – and well, I’m screwed.

Though I will have to say, listening to the windstorm while I couldn’t sleep last night wasn’t too bad.  Knowing there wasn’t a tree in our yard that could fall over (and be our financial responsibility) was even more nice.

G for Christmas got the the prequel and the first three graphic novels of Game of Thrones. The prequel was kinda awesome. Definitely gives something to think about in terms of the Targaryens.  And the graphic novels are doing a pretty damn good job with the story line.  I just finished the first of the three.  It’s been so long since I’ve actually read a real book vs an e-book that it’s been kinda nice.  Must do more of that.

The plan for the rest of my work day –

  • Fix another project plan or two.
  • Send the list of open items to someone to see if she’ll review
  • Play around on the internet some more
  • Chat with a friend online because, well, neither of us want to work.
  • Go home by 3:30 having made somewhat of a show of working
  • Not die of heat while in the office – holy shit!

Here’s wishing me luck.




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