Hard to believe that twelve years ago, Indigo came into the world – hard to believe because I can’t remember a time she wasn’t here.

Indigo is a pretty neat kid.  She knows all the lyrics to any song on the radio.  She gets very protective of people who feel she is being treated poorly by others.  She acts as their voice – if needed.  But always as a friend.

She is still our little lawyer.  If she wants something, she will do everything in her power to convince you of her point.

She loves to cook – and bake.

She loves to draw and play her drum and read Mad magazine.

She is silly and goofy and huggable.

I cannot wait to see what kid she becomes – who she discovers she is.

She is such a great kid – I cannot believe she is twelve….my little kid is growing up too fast.

What do you think?

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