An Afternoon with Daddy

“I suppose you are going to blog about this,” he commented as he slid his cock into my cunt.  I was bent in half, and this was not our first romp of the afternoon.  More of a cuddle-turned-romp all because, he wasn’t done with me yet.  And, well, I was up for more.

I answered him, I’m sure – not sure what exactly I said as my eyes closed and back arched as the pleasure of being taken again washed over me.  I love giving myself over to him – giving myself to him – and that was where I was at.  After a few thrusts, he pulled all the way out,  I braced for the hard thrust back into it, only to feel him push into my ass.

“Someone is still ready for me” he commented as he pushed all the way into that hole.  I opened my eyes in partial surprise to find him watching me intensely. I moaned and squirmed and was loving the fact he was taking me that way….


He pulled out after a few thrusts….”Get on your knees,” he commanded.  I did, pushing my ass up as my head went down. “Oh fuck it, get over the edge of the bed.”

I got off of the bed and stood on the floor, then bent over presenting my ass to him.  And he pushed my feet a bit wider with his own, then slide his cock into my ass….again.

Earlier, we had curled up on the couch to watch Game of Thrones.  I was high on his energy – high on too much caffeine, and just wanting to come down a bit before we played. I curled into the crook of his arm, he slide that arm down my shirt, and found the sore but erect nipple that was ready for him.  He played and pulled and squeezed and flicked that nipple – all while we sat curled up watching the show.  He slid his hand further down my body – to my cunt where he spanked it then slid his fingers through the wetness that inevitably ensues when he plays with my body.  When the show was done, he shut off the television and pulled me into the bedroom.

He pulled the pillows from the top of the bed to the side, then pushed me over on top of them.  I heard him shuffling through his toy bag, and knew what would be next ….then felt it as his paddle struck my ass over and over and over again – his hand on my back keeping me pushed down.  I squirmed and moaned and wiggled.  “Stand up” he commanded.  I did.  “On your knees” was his subsequent command. I knew what he wanted next, and took his cock into hand and into my mouth.  Each time taking it deeper and deeper – then he grabbed me by a handful of hair and forced me to take more of his cock  with each stroke.  I would be lying if I said I did not struggle. I did. Wanting to take more to make Daddy happy – but knowing I had to relax and take it to make that happen.  My body was fighting it but my desire won in some case.  He pulled me up by my hair and pushed me over the side of the bed again.

“Swatting you makes my cock so hard” he commented. I heard the drawer open and close, the condom wrapper being torn open, then him rummaging a bit after he was suited up.  I heard him leave for the bathroom, drawers opening as he searched for something….

…then he chuckled.

No, that cannot be good.

He came back into the room, tossed something next to me, and I heard him putting something on – I supposed it was a latex glove.  I heard him squeeze something out of a tube and hoped it was lube and not something that would burn and sting – he has such things and had threatened it in the past.  His fingers pushed into my ass – first one, then two, then many as he was lubing me up and stretching me out.  He removed his fingers suddenly – stripped off the glove – then shoved his cock straight home.  I gasped and moaned from the pleasure and the pain of this sudden invasion.

I won’t go into the full on details.  The anal fucking I got was truly what I needed.  Fucking at his pace, swats to get me to wiggle and squirm while on his cock, sore nipples squeezed and tugged because it was cause my ass to clench onto his cock, and hair pulled as he used me for his own purpose – as he possessed me – made me his with this act that is considered forbidden by many.

Then when he decided I had enough, he pulled out, told me not to move, then cleaned up both off.  Only then, did we collapse in bed.

But he was not done with me – telling me all of the things he wanted to do to me still – speaking erotic thoughts into my ears – grabbing my hair to force me to take his hard kisses with tongues and teeth as I pushed back.  That was what lead to this other round…..a second and a third…..and a fingerbanging that led to more wet sheets and towels and an exhausted girl and a daddy who was higher than a kite.

Will I blog about this?

Fuck yes. I almost felt like it was not a comment but a request.  And me, being the obedient girl to her Daddy – well, how could I not do this – how could I not relay the story.

Because it was fucking hot – and even typing this makes me leave a puddle on the place I sit.

It makes me buzz with him – his energy – and our energy.

I left with marks – makes of his ownership over me and my body. I left sore and happy and content.

I left feeling loved by my Daddy.

Yeah, I’ll blog about it ….

….as I have a big grin on my face.

What do you think?

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