Snark Week

I am in full on snark mode.

I think I need a sign of warning.  Last time I had one of these days, G sent me this:

I truly cannot help the snarky comments going on in my head.  I’ve been sleeping like shit – I feel like so much of what I’m supposed to be doing at work is in a holding pattern – and I’m just, well, not in the best headspace right now.  (Lack of sleep will usually do that to me – as will getting too much of other people’s shit dumped on me.)  My tantra teacher who is always a source of wisdom would tell me to meditate and clean up my own energy so that I change the energy around me – and I’m trying….I really am….but….there is only so much stupid and victimhood I can handle sometimes!  And I feel like this:

For example…..we’ll pick on my little brother….because, well, he’s a good example:

His little jack russell terrier got into a dogfight. His face is a mess – and he got a trip to the vet ER because of it.  He calls to tell me all about how horrible it has been. I’m listening thinking to myself: “so get to your point already which is to ask me for money.”  He gets there through a whole series of “I’m short on cash – the move has wiped me out – blah blah blah.”  All I hear is the truth…..he has no money because of his DUI he is still paying for and getting resolved – and the fact he lost his job over it and had to take whatever job he could get – and his move was because someone outside the family took pity on him and gave him a room without rent.  I finally cut him off – so how much are you hitting me up for?  He isn’t sure. I make him hand the phone to the billing person.  Why? Last time I gave him info to get his cat fixed up, I had to cancel the card due to fraud.  The upside is that I did it with that card because I knew if I so much as sneezed wrong, they would be hold all transactions until they talked to me.  Yeah.  I did pay some of the bill – not all of it. Can’t allow his dog to die over something stupid.

Yesterday, I get a note from my little bro. More drama with the dog – he is “contacting me because he knows I’ll be concerned. Yeah, no….he’s messaging me because he knows he may need to try to hit me up with more money.

Yeah – not happening.

I should also mention – anniversary ignored, but can ask me for money – uhm, yeah.

Or my “friend” – and I will use that loosely somedays.

After taking the day off to model for a series of fetish photographs – a birthday gift for herself.  I should mention that this person does selfies all the fucking time – fetish and otherwise.  She does it because it gets her attention online – she counts the likes and loves and comments. And when something doesn’t get what she wants, she deletes it and posts it another day.  She seriously does this.

So while she is venting to me about how horrible the shoot can be on her – why does she do it?

Uhm, because you’re an attention whore? Duh.

Or another person I know complaining to me about how unfairly her boyfriend is being treated by people.  This guy is a pain in the ass. Horrible pain in the ass.  She is feeling protective, I get it – but fucking take the blinders off already – if everyone is calling him an asshole, he’s likely an asshole.

Oh sure – he’s misunderstood. Yeah, that’s it.  I prefer to look at it this way:

Or the person in the meeting who, on behalf of her group, claimed she would be done with her tasks in the next three days.  They have had 12 days to do their tasks. They are only 50% done.  Halfway done.  What is left are the hard ones – the time consuming ones.  And while she is reassuring everyone it will of course be on time.  I am thinking this:

Yeah – it’s been this kind of a week for me.

It’s no wonder that this has been a week for me to hide as much as I can….because this is very true for me at the moment –

Until then, I can only hope to keep my mouth shut – and the snarky remarks contained to my inner dialog.  Here’s to hoping!

What do you think?

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