Recap of A Day

What a weird day.

First weird thing? Blogged and noticed it did not send out the usual emails and all like it should.  All the “help” items to help me troubleshoot it were around Facebook not working.  Uhm, what if the email subscriptions aren’t working or the tweet links.  Search on those things….nada.  Uhm, huh.  So, if you subscribe, you may want to check the blog at times because email works about 80% of the time right now.

Assuming you get this in email. Yay technology! Ugh.

I sat down today to verify if all of three projects that I thought I could close this week were, indeed close. My co-project manager leaves this week leaving me with this huge pile of fun, so I was hopefully it could be cut down.  I started doing all of the project closure stuff – then thought, I’d better not assume.  So I start validate with the people responsible.  What do I find? One item went into the system over the weekend… they are thinking about taking it back out AND going back to the drawing board of “what is the problem we’re trying to solve”. Nothing like getting to the finish line only to say, yeah, we need to restart this race.  Fuck.

Number 2 disappointment came when I checked on the status of another go-live this weekend.  Nope, didn’t go either.  Strike two.

I decided to check on the last item.  Figuring I knew the answer – no, it did not go.  What I got instead was YES – it’s done! Woo hoo! Finally a win.

As I told my leaving peer, our motto should be “don’t assume, validate, then expect a huge fucking mess”.  After she stopped laughing, she agreed.

I have a “friend” who I skype with throughout the day.  After noticing her topics were the same each day, I decided to play bingo with her topics.  And hour into skyping with her today, I had a bingo.  I try not to feed her necrosis – I know she likes hearing “oh that’s horrible” or “oh poor person” – so I don’t feed that mentality.  I usually go straight talk – not overly blunt – but direct.  I know most of her issues are her issues – not the universe doing it to her.

Another friend of mine (who usually bitches and whines at me too) told me I was clearly feeding her if she keeps talking to me about the same things.  Then told me I wasn’t being blunt enough – clearly I needed to try that.  What could happen?  Well, this girl views direct and blunt and honest as pushy and telling her she’s living life wrong.  Then she lashes out in pretty horrific ways.  I know this because, well, been there, done that, have the t-shirt.  I tell her this.  Her response? Clearly I’m not doing it right. Gee, fuck you very much too.

Yet another thing I don’t do right as told to me by someone who has all the answers, just sadly, no answers to her own problems.  Yeah, that was my outside voice.

I came home from work and worked out – two days in a row.  I’m trying to get back into the habit.  And it was almost derailed.  A relative of our roommate is staying with us.  He decided to come down and chat with me before I was going to workout.  I work out in the living room and prefer people are gone.  I am eager to work out – and I’m getting 20 questions from someone I don’t know.  Finally, he left for his event – and I worked out.  And it sucked – but it was done.  I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.  I like that feeling, truth be told.

Then off to TKD.  Traffic sucked ass.  An event at two different arenas tying up traffic on 2 of the 3 freeways I needed to take.  The 3rd freeway had an accident.  Oh yeah, and it’s raining again, so the Oregonians have to remember how this rain thing works.  I got there – and felt like I needed a drink.

Then a mom who I am also friends with starts getting texts from some people we all know – each person has a drink in hand.  She and I were annoyed.  Ugh.

Driving home, I got a call from Indigo.  The dog ate chocolate – Maggie.  She wasn’t watching her – so the dog to the chocolate on the counter – chocolate I didn’t know was there.  The dog will be fine – I know this. But she now won’t shut up = she’s in her kennel for the inevitable digestive issues.

Yeah, I need a beer.

Or 12.

What a freakin’ day.

But tomorrow is a new one……and it will be better, dammit!!

What do you think?

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