I wonder if this would work….

I wonder if I told a few people in my life that a straightjacket is just a snuggy, they would willingly putting it on – thereby making it impossible for them to text me or IM me.  They would then be forced to deal with themselves instead of taking the opportunity to put fingers to keyboard and send me things that just remind me how fucked up their thinking really is.  In the past, a straightjacket would have been used because doctors didn’t know how to treat people with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, etc – so they would put the patient in the straightjacket to keep them from harming themselves and forcing them to calm down. Today, I think it should be used to force people to stop texting every fucking thought in their head, or updating their status on Facebook, Twitter, Fetlife and the like, or sending instant messages to people who really don’t want to hear.  It would force them to think about themselves for a while – think about maybe what was making the feel that way and way –  maybe even their own actions.

Then those of us forced to see their thoughts because they show up on our phones, feeds, and IM chat windows would get a bit of a break too.  Knowing they are safe in their thoughts – and hoping maybe they will learn something about themselves.

Because some of these people, well, they have an addiction.  And while I’m all for the primal yell into the ether at times, I am not for non-consensually bombarding people with your problems, issues, etc.  Ironically these are the same people who will post things like “why can’t I find someone to do anything with?”  Uhm, because you are crazy and no one wants to listen to that in person.

Yep – a straightjacket would be just the thing for these people.

I think it’s time to bring it back in vogue.

What do you think?

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