Happy Samhain!

…or almost Happy Samhain (it starts at sunset, if you want to get all technical).

Tonight is when the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest allowing those who have passed to come visit. It marks the end of the harvest and the start of winter.  Bonfires were held as a cleansing and protective powers.  The light was the help hold back the decay and darkness of winter.   Some rituals would have the village gather around the fire, be cleansed, then they would take some of that fire back to their homes – walk it around their lands and fields and bringing it into their homes for protection and to bond the village together as they light the hearth from the communal fire.   Over time, the Celtic people evolved it into wearing masks and costumes – to carving faces into turnips.  The starts of Halloween that was what it evolved into when the Christians were influenced by the Celts.

There is a woman who writes a great series that I re-read about once a year – all six books. The seventh comes out soon.  She does an amazing job writing about the Celtic history and mythology and building a neat story around it.  I spent most of my time reading, then looking things up to see if she made up that part of the mythology or was it from mythology.  Samhain is a pivotal moment in the series – the veil is thin – the druid ritual to keep the ultimate evil from passing through it failed – so the world was flooded with darkness and evil.   At one point, there are fires, but the are all extinguished leaving the city in darkness.  I was amazed at how well she wrote it with the various imagery from the old stories.

Anyway – I digress.

This is the first Halloween where the girls are not going trick-or-treating.  What a weird realization. Both were invited to parties – both have expressed the desire to just stay home and hand out candy while watching movies.  It should be interesting to see what they come up with doing.  Just glad I won’t be walking out in the rain tonight.  Though if I did, I’d have a mug of “coffee” with me.

But staying in, I can carve my pumpkin.  I was given the big pumpkin to carve. I have an idea….now to see if I can pull it off. Or if I say screw it and go traditional.

The kids and G have today off from school – I know DJ is pumpkin carving. She drew her design, is printing it off this morning, and carving her masterpiece.  I’m glad they are still giddy about that.  Granted, it involves knives which gets her giddy period, but ya know.

Wonder how many adults I know are dressing as superheroes today – and how many would be willing to be part of my SEAF idea? Hmm….I started on my SEAF photos already – just have more ideas for the series.

Yesterday was a weird day.  Read the post for the big weird. Got that all sorted out – no acknowledgement from my folks that they got the info from me for their files. Sigh.  I’m choosing to mark it up to embarrassment.  Then in the middle of it, a very incredibly touching note from SB had me teary at my desk.  Truly touched my heart.

Then probably the best flu shot I have ever gotten (seriously the woman did it and I didn’t feel it at all) – resulted in me being achy and fatigued. I was in bed before 9 and slept like a rock.  Yay for 9+ hrs of sleep.  I’m probably the first person to ever be happy about flu shot side effects.

Toss in the funny ass conversations I was having with DJ (I’ve decided I need to create a twitter account called Shit My Daughter Says and post them) – and it was day of ups and downs.

But today will be better.

Oh and go read the Bloggess today  – too funny!



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