Friday Eve

Oh am I happy this week is almost over. I do not think I can express my happiness enough.

Work has been filled with crazy. For example:

  • A project that is already fucked up and not clearly defined should always be given a new direction at a minimum of 4 times in the course of a few weeks because that will help clarify things.  Plus, it allows the two project managers to sit there, look at what little plan there is, and basically say ‘fuck it – there is no way to put together a status on something that has changed so many times.’  Yeah, that’s about 12hrs of my life I won’t get back.
  • When people are saying to the person doing the work “I have no idea what is left to resolve so we can get completed, do you?”, they are not attacking you — they are trying to help everyone understand what we need to do get done.  So responding as though I just said I was going to kill your beloved pet in front of you because I think you are a shitty person …… well, doesn’t exactly help your cause.  Then escalating it with a “here is what is going on” list of things that will make you stop asking, well, if you are going to take that route, you may want to make sure your list – the one that will clarify everything – is actually something good.  Uhm, yeah.
  • Getting an “oh shit” email about how fucked up the rewrite of a vital accounting function day 12 of 15 during quality testing – then adding in a “how the fuck are we supposed to do our own user testing in 5days” …..well, thanks for waking up – this has been the schedule all along. I’m sorry that you are having your own “oh shit moment that is resulting in panic and loss of sleep – but we’ve been telling you this for six weeks.  So…..yeah.”
  • Subsequently – please freak out and demand to hold semi-productive meetings that result in me leaving work at 6pm instead of 4pm.  While I understand that most of this company starts work between 9-10am each day – I am not one of those people.  I start at 7am to get ahead of all your bullshit – then flee.  Also, if you are going to be keeping me here until 6pm, I’d better not be the last person off the floor as that will just piss me off more.  Nothing nicer than realizing you were the first person into the office on that floor and everyone else is gone & nightly cleaning crews have already started.
  • Then there was the “IM” I got from one of my bosses (yeah reorgs suck) – “Hey, you know that huge global change that we requested, you did it, you tested it, you scheduled it for deployment only to have us yank it 2hrs before it was going to go?  Yeah? Yeah – I do know we did that to you twice – then made you do one set of countries 3 times.  And I know those last ones are set to go in 7 days.  Guess what? Yeah, they want every country changed again.  Hello? Are you still there?  Should I call?”  My response: “you have to be fucking kidding me?!?  please tell me you are joking? who in the business do I need to kill about this one – and are they ‘thinking about it’ or actually going to pull the trigger now so we can get it done in 7 days only to decide we need to pull it 2hrs before it’s set to deploy?”  Thankfully my bosses know me – and expect this response.
  • And finally I cannot forget sitting in one of the three long balancing meetings with accounting where they are trying to figure out why two ledgers that should match did not.  Oh, and it really isn’t one to one matching – it’s one to many – up to 30 – that have to be reviewed.  The first meeting was entertaining as they got “he put it in here – then he took it out, but put it back in, then out, then in , then out…” Yeah, I have a dirty mind and tried not to laugh aloud.  SB’s response to one of my comments about this did make me blurt out aloud.  Sadly, this wasn’t the one meeting but led to 3 days of this crap – chasing down things that were not easy.  They finally decided they understood the issues enough that we can move on .

There has been insomnia fun which is more sarcasm than fun. Too much energy, too many things going through the brain – lots of work related shit – LOTS.  Nothing like closing your eyes only to have your brain start going thru the things you need to remember to do tomorrow.  Yay?

My brother….and his dog…..ugh….after he got torn apart when a playful dog romp turned not-so-playful, he started getting lethargic and swelling in places he should not.  My brother finally took him back to the vet (when he found one that would allow him to pay the bill over time) who told him the horrible news. Weakened immune system – allowed rapid growth of the cancer he had in his body. He has days to live.  I feel for my brother – I do. It’s hard though – as I told my mom last night – he has used that dog to manipulate getting things from people lately – I feel bad for the dog, but dammit, he has got to stop doing that shit!

And my friend who feels her significant other is constantly being wronged by those around him.  Getting lengthy text messages from her – full of anger around how he is being treated – then not liking my response when I point out that the few she was naming specifically are doing this to a lot of people right now – he is not necessarily special.  Yeah, me pointing that out was not what she wanted to hear.  Though, it was better than me saying “look, you are the only one that thinks his shit doesn’t stink – why do you think that is?”  Because he’s screwed me over more than once – committing to things, then not doing it – and I’ve seen and heard him throw others under the bus by alluding to questionable behavior as his way of damaging their character in the eyes of others (untrue shit)…..yeah, I am NOT the one to talk to about her poor significant other.  Ironically if I look at how things in his life have gone – he cannot blame the universe for being bad to him – I mean, all he’s putting out is negative, and the universe is trying to teach him (and her) by knocking him on his ass.  And it will keep doing that until he learns the lesson and changes.  Until then, it’s going to be hard to call her friend sometimes.

A post about my week cannot be complete without me mentioning the technology fail that I experienced – as a parent – this week.  I helped Indigo upgrade her iPhone so that I can get them access to apps I buy without having my login info splashed all over their phones.  Plus, music too.  So, she gets it upgraded – cool. No problems.  This morning, she says “hey  Moe, why do I get all of the text messages you and Dad send to each other?”  That feeling of when your heart hits the floor – and OH FUCK – echos in your head.  I grab her phone and see that post-upgrade, the software decided to “help her out” by adding my email acct to her phone as the iMessanger acct.  Attached to it is my email and G’s phone number basically letting her see text message between him and me.  (Thank God no one else!)  So I fixed it – logged her phone out of my acct – set it up to be her phone and email only.  Tested it – and found it was fixed.  Then ran to DJ, snagged hers to make sure the same hadn’t happened.  It had not – thank goodness.  Then made sure G’s phone was good too.

Add this incident with Indigo this morning to the impromptu discussion about polyamory last night.  Yeah, it’s fit into my week perfectly at this point.  I should mention the humorous moment about polyamory last night.  A woman on a show is described as “polyamorous Sara” which drives DJ nutty as the others on the show are like “contractor Bob” or “attorney Jane”.  DJ gets annoyed that the producers have decided she is only to be known as polyamorous because clearly she has nothing more she brings to the table?  DJ went on her rant.  We kinda chuckle at her.  And Indigo pipes up “what does it mean that she’s polyamorous?”  DJ, G and I quickly exchange looks – then I say “it means she can love more than one boy at the same time – that she may have multiple boyfriends at once.”  Indigo goes “oh, okay – that makes sense” – then moves on.  This is the girl that one day referred to SB as my “boyfriend” and continues to do it on occasion.  Too funny.

And the weird moment of last night? Going to the little tienda near our house to buy G a cider (since someone drank the one he was saving), and feeling like we walked into a drug deal.  Operator of the tienda was acting weird – the two people in the place watched us like hawks trying to hurry us up – and the minute we left, we heard her lock the door behind us.  Not too surprising really given the amount of glassware sold there – but damn, most obvious drug deal ever.  Gonna have to think about what to do about that one because given our neighborhood’s history – I’m not a fan of that happening.  Even if it is just pot.

So with all of this weird crap and more happening this week….I am ready for Friday.

Here’s hoping Friday Eve isn’t too weird!


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