Words Triggering Delicious Images

There are times when something comes across my twitter feed that evokes a strong feeling – a strong image in my head of what has past, what can come.  And I can’t help but sink into that image – that fantasy because the emotions evoked are so strong – so real – that I can almost feel it.

Today – it was a comment someone was re-posting – “don’t use porn as your guide for how to rub a clit”

(Yeah – don’t do that.)

And I go straight into the last time he and I were together and played –

Slaps to the clit and pussy…

Pinches – tugs – gentle rubs – the right rubs…

Fingers probing – stretching – finding that spot that makes me moan – get wet –

…and requires towels.

And I sink into the memories – into those feelings – into those images….into those details…

And I’m lost.

Blissfully lost, in those memories….

….and I even more look forward to making more of those in the future.

Mmmmm…..better than porn.


What do you think?

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