Wednesday Brain Dump

Hallelujah! The annoying lady is getting the boot today!

While I do not usually bask in the misfortunes of others, I will be happy to have her out of a role of which she is clearly ill-suited.  I can only hope she can find something better suited for her talents….(whatever they may be).  I know there will be a great deal of rejoicing later today when word gets around.  As I have learned in the past 48hrs, NO ONE likes her or feels she is competent. Says a lot right there.

I should also mention this will be her 3rd time getting booted from a group at this company.  How she made it back twice more is beyond any of us, but I believe the lesson has finally been learned.

Yay to no risk of experiencing handcuffs at work!

DJ will be having an interesting day at school today.  Last night was Back to School Night for the parents.  She and I went to taekwondo while G went to school.  Having a strength of “destabilizing governments” will definitely get a teacher’s attention.  G started putting weird things out there on forms a few years ago when he noticed how many forms teachers are required to have their kids’ parents fill out but how infrequently they are actually reviewed by anyone once returned.  This became his little test to see who was and was not reading them.  The outdoor program she participates in on the weekends? They read them – and laugh at them – and save them to share with other counselors and staff.  To be honest, I love knowing they do read them upfront instead of waiting until they need the info, then reviewing it.  Anyway, he has 3-4 teachers ask the parents to write something down about their kids.  They had no idea what they were doing.

Indigo and Derek last night cleaned up the kitchen while giving each other bad pickup lines.  We’re talking things like “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”  Uhm, yeah.  The fact this went on and on for about 15 minutes solid was pretty damn impressive.  Then they declared it time to watch Bob’s Burgers and DJ and I left.

Indigo having a cell phone now means getting texts that remind me not to throw my mug at anyone.  Or that I can’t be too mean. Or, I can only throw flowers at people.  She’s no fun.

Sleep was good last night…..ahhh……

Having a slightly different schedule now that I have Dot coming home with me has been interesting.  She sits at the island in the kitchen doing homework – and I make dinner. Monday night, I made homemade chicken pot pie – from scratch. A huge thing of it – 2 nights worth.  Today, I left the house with a big crock-pot full of black beans going.  Will have to decide later what they will be made into.  What can I say – I like cooking.  And healthy stuff is good stuff too.  I must admit, Indigo has been on a food network kick of late, and it is inspiring me to make more.

The rain has come back. Oh, I don’t think you’ll ever hear as many Portlanders celebrating for it as you will this year. I know my allergies are happier with the crud getting washed out of the air. Plus, it’s cooler too.  Time to get wood for winter fires too.  Ahh, the transition to fall and winter.

An I leave you with one of the songs that has gotten my morning going.


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