Past NRE


When you are in kink or poly, you hear about NRE all the time – New Relationship Energy – the phenomenon that occurs when you are new with each other.  That passion  – that chemistry – it’s all NRE.

But what if NRE is happening still – almost 2 years into a relationship?  What if NRE shows up when you are sitting on the couch together, sipping a really REALLY good Scotch, and watching Game of Thrones?  What if NRE is doing all that and finding your tits out of your bra – and your skirt up around your hips – and his hands responsible for both as they pinch and stroke and slap the respective areas?  Is that still NRE? Or is that past?

Because no matter if we go out or stay in, our hands are always on each others – our lips are always kissing each other – and our bodies must be touching.  Concert? Check. Home? Check. Walking down the street? Check.

What if NRE is actually a concept that doesn’t apply to real chemistry – to real connection that doesn’t seem to end or wane as time goes on?

What if what we are feeling – what if we are experiencing – is something different – something not about “new” relationship energy – but energy you experience with real connection?  With real vulnerability and real trust and real connection?

Because as time goes on – as connects grow – we both find that NRE is not so much new but just continued relationship energy – relationship energy that is strengthening and deepening as time goes on – as we allow our true selves to shine instead of that protected self normally shown to the outside world?  What if what we are feeling is more CARE – continued amorous relationship energy  – not NRE?

Because CARE rocks. CARE is amazing. CARE is depth and trust and all of those other things that with NRE fade and change.  CARE continues and grows and deepens.  CARE is so many more things than NRE.

Maybe that’s where we are these days – in a place where we don’t push each other away but instead pull each other in – and let ourselves not be our 100% best selves but know the other will not reject but kiss and hug and love us regardless.  Because we CARE.

Regardless of what we call it -I love it – I love all of it because it’s what I feel, where we are at.  And I crave the desire to keep inside that cocoon.  Too easy to be there and stay there.  But mainly because I love him because it’s too easy to love him.

Such a fucking blessed girl.

Yeah, I cannot deny/ignore that.

What do you think?

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