Life IS Good

This is how I’m feeling this morning. I got tons to do – and no motivation to do it. Instead I’m thinking about last night – thinking about tonight – and this weekend. My mind is going through processing this month.  Have you ever looked back at a period of time – like a month – and realized “wow! what a great fucking month! Sure, work was the usual, uhm, work – but life is grand – and keeps getting better.”?


I’m sorry – but that’s the headspace I’m in right now.

Everything and everyone that matters is just good.

Good being the absolutely wrong word to describe it all, but the only one I have right now.

I can describe the changing and evolving and growing I’m seeing in all areas of my relationships – between me and the kids, between me and G, between me and SB. All for the better – all incredible – and all making me feel blessed and loved and happy.

A year ago, I never thought I would be back here. Truth be told.

What a fucking difference a year can make – faith can make – love can make.


I guess that’s why I’m having issues even writing about it – because I cannot put into words how amazing it all feels.



What do you think?

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