Back to School – Brain Dump

  • I have a high school kid now.  And a middle school kid. No more kids in elementary school.  I’m a bit thrown off by this realization.  Kids going to school for the first time? Excited and not concerned.  Kid going off to high school? Nervous for her. Sad she’s growing up so fast.  Trying to focus on the beauty and awe of the situation – not the ‘holy crap, I’m not ready for all that’s coming now’ aspect of it.
  • Day 2 of getting back in the habit of exercising in the morning.  Yay 5am! Ugh!  I may be curled up under my desk later.
  • Struggling trying to figure out how to support a friend who feels like she’s taking a tragedy and using it to get “poor girl” type support.  I mustn’t be the only one feeling this way given the number of people who aren’t sure what else to say or do.  I know everyone is allowed to deal with things in their own way – just don’t know what else to say – and she seems to want more from people.  Just a weird situation.
  • Since the death of G’s cat, my cat seems to have aged about 10 years.  She can barely get onto a chair now.  I knew that the animals would all pass one after another when they started to get to that age – just weird seeing it happen vs knowing it will.
  • After taking photos of all of the murals this past weekend and finding those that just exist in Portland, because that’s just Portland,  almost makes me want to do a project to document them – and map them out.  I received so much feedback on the ones I posted as part of the mural project – asking where they were at exactly, etc – that it makes for an interesting project.  Portland has a lot of art like that on buildings – just don’t think you realize it until you go seeking out pieces and find more than expected.
  • I am being given a list of songs by the family to learn on the ukulele.  So far, I know only a few really well.  I am learning Amanda Palmer’s Uke Anthem right now.  I love that song.
  • Have I mentioned I’m sore already from working out? And yesterday was just a 40min intro do the best form to do the workouts – translation between her names for things and what they actually are.  Wowza.
  • I have 45 countries live on the software at work.  One more will go before we hit pause for several months.  Glad I have a few new things to work on because this project is driving me so freaking nutty with all the bullshit. Bring forth the new bullshit.
  • SB gave DJ something for her public transportation experience.  A little something to give her an advantage if someone fucks with her.  She has decided her official story is that she has it for keeping hedgehogs in line.  I appreciate how much he worries about her – makes me smile that he has found connection with at least one of my kids.  They are important to me just like he is – the fact they are not islands upon themselves in my life but connected somehow makes me happy.  It is one thing to keep kink away from the kids – it’s another to keep someone I love away from my kids and family.  Feels wrong to me – but then again, that’s who I am.  Can’t keep people I care about isolated from others just because some will not understand the relationship.  As I get older, the less tolerance I’m having for not just being out there about it.  Funny how that works.
  • I’m almost done with book 4 of Game of Thrones.  Book 4 has a reduced list of characters whose viewpoint the story is told from.  Missing are the Tyrion and Daenerys to name two characters I miss.  But seeing paths cross – like Sam’s path crossing with Arya – that was interesting.  Can’t wait to start the next book.  And see more of the show. I could keep watching it on my own, but there is something lovely about sitting curled up with SB on his couch – sipping good scotch – and enjoying each other as we watch.
  • I need to henna my hair.
  • I can’t believe it’s September already.
  • The difference between G shopping and me shopping? Fewer canned goods. Realized that yesterday when I came back from the store with a shitload of veggies (probably not the best choice of words) – fruit – cereal – bread for sandwiches – almond milk – yogurt – and meat and cheese.  Most of the stuff in the aisles isn’t that great for you – so I try to avoid it.  I was just happy I survived the store at 5pm the day before school starts.  Never the best choice unless you like that kind of torture.  Oh, and the checkout guy – oy!  Yes, sir, I am not wearing a bra – but talking to my chest the entire time is not getting you anything more than a Creepy Guy Award.  *shakes head*
  • I guess I should work. I don’t wanna work.  I need to win the lottery. But I guess to do that, I would need to actually play the lottery.  Details.
  • So until that happens – this will be my attitude for today:

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