Smiles for Wednesday

I have two friends who have lost people close to them – three in total.

Add in the news about Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall – two pop culture icons that will be sorely missed as everyone has memories of them.

And I’m kinda ready for some smiles.  I had a snarky post prepared based on the bullshit of the past few weeks – but I’ll save it – sadly, it can be saved.  So instead, I bring you things to make you smile.  Just feels like we need to smile right now.

To quote G, “I want a baby elephant!” How can you not smile seeing this!

This made me smile because of the work it took to get a Lego version of The Walking Dead trailer. Now I want someone to do Game of Thrones. Please?

Then there is this one….it made me giggle simply because ….well, he said levitating weiner….and, uhm….I’m a 14yr old, I guess. The video is funny though.

And finally I leave you with the Muppet’s version of a Beastie Boys song…can’t go wrong with the Swedish Chef and Beaker.

What do you think?

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