Owls and Connection

Sitting on the edge of the couch, nude, as I ate my bagel, he lazily traced my owl tattoo on my shoulder blade as he sipped his coffee.

“As time goes on, I really see how well your tattoo suits you,” he commented.

“Yeah? Why is that?” I asked between bites.

“Like an owl, you too are wise, but strong – a predator not a victim.”

It’s interesting how time goes on we see more and more of who someone truly is.  We see through the masks someone may wear – and understand truly who the person behind it is – and also why they may wear it.  Hell, we even start seeing more about that person than maybe they even see themselves.

I never saw myself as the owl in my tattoo but saw the owl as those who were strong and wise who were watching out for me – silently but loudly when needed – even if they had already passed.

It is a moment in our time together that echoes through my head even now because, well, simply put – he gets me. And having someone see you in a way others do not – sexier than words can express and more intimate than me sitting there next to him nude.

He sees me naked, without mask, without clothes  – and I’m comfortable with that.

That’s true connection.

What do you think?

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