Great Takes on Photo Shoots

We have all seen them.  The traditional photo shoots that include the typical poses.  The new baby photos where the baby is swaddled, on Dad’s chest, the feet shot, etc.  Or the pregnancy photos where the mom-to-be is wearing few clothes to highlight the baby bump as she wraps her arms around it as though she is trying to cradle the baby in utero.

I recently came across two sets of photos that these these shoots and put them in a different twist.

The first is what happens when three professional photographers are between photography shoots and bored (simply put).

Baby photography where the baby is the couple’s Jack Russell Terrier.  These are pretty good.

Another photo shoot was the result of one man’s wife refusing to do a maternity shoot. So, to commemorate the pregnancy, he hired a photographer to capture the pregancy in his own way. These are pretty funny too.


And while this isn’t a photo shoot in the sense the other two are, these are just a set of photos I am totally amazed with.  A fucking gorgeous set of photographs taken in places rarely photographed due to photography restrictions.

What do you think?

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