Emmy’s Pet Peeves: People Edition

Yesterday I had one of those days where every one of these tactics listed below was used somehow on me.  I hit a point where I was about ready to explode (and kind of had a minor eruption of “I’m done with the bullshit”…..)  Until yesterday, I had done a good job letting it roll off my back, but then ….*bam* it all hit me at once – and I was done.

So what should one do in a situation like that? Write a blog post about it.


Please read with the degree of sarcasm and snark that was intended.

1. Listen to what I have to say. Empathize with it. Then do to me exactly what I was just complaining about others doing. Because nothing shows you are a good friend and listener by doing exactly the opposite of what you just agreed was wrong and screwed up.

2. Call yourself my BFF as a way to manipulate someone else who is in both our lives and with whom you are having a fight.  Use me to make them feel isolated because that’s incredibly neat of you to do.  And shows you are a real BFF by drawing me into your bullshit with this person by using false statements.

3. Tell people I’ve said or done something (that in truth I have not done).  React to it like I did say it.  Then be surprised when I make it a reality for you.

4. Expect more from me than you’re willing to give to me.  Then when I’m in your position, be shocked that I reacted the way I do when I expect a bit more from you then “oh that’s too bad, anyway, back to my problems….”. Uhm, yeah…no. Or to borrow an SB phrase: “Fuck-you very much”

5. Create a big clusterfuck of a drama. Then pull me into it to solve for you. Once solved, reply with a “thanks” via text.  Then erase all evidence the drama existed.

6. Ask – no BEG – for my opinion about something – even when I decline – beg some more. Don’t tell me what you are thinking – don’t give me anything to go on – just act like you are totally undecided and you must have my help – it’s incredibly important.  Then, blow me off. No discussion – no follow-up question.  Simply use me to find out if I agreed with what you already wanted to do – then ignore it when it’s not. Because that’s a fun exercise for me.

7. Be fake….all the time.  Pretending you care – pretending you want to hear how things are going – pretending is not something I do.  Take it elsewhere.

8. Demand my attention like you are my child. You aren’t a child – and you certainly not my child.  You are an adult. Act like one.

9. Get upset because my world is not revolving around you and your time.  Think I’m being self-centered? Nope, you’re upset because I’m not being you-centered.

10. Don’t respect the way I live my life – my philosophies on important things in my life – but demand I respect your’s.  The way to get people to respect you is always to disrespect others first and tell them what they believe is wrong or how they are living their lives is wrong.  Great basis for any relationship.

What do you think?

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