Days 16-19 – Back to Reality

Four days and three nights at the coast with SB.


Best way to describe it. Downtime – reading – no computer access or phone access – just the moment.  It was perfect.

Before I left – I made homemade pizza.  The girls had peppers and pepperoni.  We had spicy sausage, peppers, mushrooms and nectarine.  Weird combo but worked well.  Good stuff.

This was the beach we were half a block away from.  We walked it – enjoyed the sunshine – the perfect breeze and the calm waves.  Bliss.

Sunset – or waiting for it.  We sat on the beach – in a great location – watching the sun sink more and more – and sipping great wine as it happened.  Perfect.

Us. Today. Kissing as I was capturing a selfie of us.  I had turned to kiss him while I took the shot – and he met my lips with his own.  And this was the result.  We had a really good talk this morning.  I had told him the concern I have with poly – or at least the way poly is exercised by some in our community.  I care too much – I want him to be happy and whole just like everyone else.  I can’t help it – I care – I worry – and I do it because…. He filled in the blank – “because you love – that’s what is the difference, you love.”  We often fill in each other’s blanks  We may worry the other may not understand and thereby be offended, but in the end – in the end, we get each other because of exactly that – we love each other.  I will never say I am not luck to have him get me – and me get him.  Now if I can only build an apartment out back or the perfect place next door, so he can live there.  Because this man is that important to me.

What do you think?

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