Day 20 – Failed Photo Trip

I still have lavender going nuts in my yard.  So, I thought I would go to the local growers and wander their fields and take the amazing photos I did last year.  Good plan, especially since the girls and I were at loose ends as G was working on the bus.  We wandered out there and, well, nothing.  They were open and selling lavender, but I’m not sure where it was coming from since their fields did not have any in bloom.  We drove around the area trying to find the other farm only to find it closed.  Then one wrong turn, and we were headed back home.  We stopped at the Farmer’s Market – found some local honey, freshly roasted peppers, and these great nectarines from a place I love.  “I’m starving” was addressed by us finding a German food stand with brats, fresh kraut, and a great ketchup they also made from scratch.  We ate, we listened to music, and we were thankful we had gotten there a whole 20 min before they closed.

Meanwhile, I have no photos.

So I took a pic of the kitty-in-a-box:


Then I took a photo documenting the progress of my hops.

Then played around with the macro setting on my camera…

Then said fuck it – went to take a nap, but ended up reading – then wandered to the local food market for dinner items, and tried hard to not think about the feelings I am having.  Not easy but sometimes things don’t go as planned.

‘Tis what it is.

What do you think?

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