Day 2 of 30: Record Crowd

I’ve been enjoying figuring out my new camera – and I have especially loved having it in my pocket for those moments where a pictured cannot be truly captured by a phone.

Tonight, I played around with a few of the features at the Portland Thorn game against Houston.  Rapid shutter setting takes a set of photos one after another w/ a single click of the button. And does a great job.  Even the zoom takes some decent photos – not a clear as if I had my DSLR, but the trade of of size of device makes it fine.  I even took some video that turned out great.

Here is my shot today –

After each goal the Thorns score, the Rose City Riveters (think hooligans for the team who are singing, playing drums and chanting for 90 minutes of the game) sets off a red smoke bomb.  My oldest – DJ – and her friend were in the middle of that.  Unlike true European hooligans, they are a safe crowd of supporters.

The Thorn won tonight.  Attendance set a new NWSL record – 19,123 attendees.  The last game I attended – attendance was 14,000 people.  The Riveters had aimed to sell out the place tonight – they didn’t achieve that, but they did a great job trying!

What do you think?

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