Day 10 – Vroom Vroom

G bought a new engine for his 1974 VW Bus.  He bought it months ago, and he and Indigo went to retrieve it in CA about 2 months ago.  Driving down and back and staying overnight cost less than shipping, so he did it.  Then was begged for extra parts he may have – so he brought those too.  It was a good deal.  Plus he had a partner in crime who wanted to eat corn dogs with him along the way.  Double win.

He brought the bus home yesterday.  She has been sitting for a year in a rented garage awaiting her engine transplant.  It is now underway.  This week was determined the week of the VW Bus.  He is working hard on getting her into form right now.  I can only hope it all goes well because he has worked his ass off trying to get her running only to get her running marginally at best.  I hope she starts running well so he can have adventures in her again.  Maybe for our anniversary this year, we can repeat the trip we did a few years back – to the coast for the weekend – walking on the beach, sitting by the fire and enjoying the exhale of it all.

Here’s to hoping she runs well again!

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