Day 1 of 30: New Toy

I was realizing the other day as I was walking through downtown after work that there are times I wish I had my camera with me – moments where a camera is necessary, not a cell phone.  While I’m never afraid to take photos with my iPhones as the 400 pics ony phone will verify, there is something a camera will capture that a iPhone will not.  I could carry my digital SLR, but to be honest, I’m worried about it getting stolen or making me a target as I wander to work through downtown in the wee mornings. (I’m a cheapskate, so I park blocks away from work to save the $2/day – but sadly it’s through an area that can be sketchy in wee hours of the morning.)

When I got my first DSLR, we also purchased a little Canon point and shoot – a nice little camera – good specs, great photos, easy to use, and durable as all get out.  After some research, I chose to go back to that camera so I had something I can put in my pocket and not worry about.

Plus, this little Canon has some fun settings that I can’t wait to play with.

So, I wandered down to the camera store conveniently located on the first floor of my building, talked to the camera guy there who I have gotten to know – weighed my other options, pros & cons, and decided to go with my gut.  “Black? Silver? or Purple?” he asked as I was getting ready to buy.  PURPLE!   Hey, may as well have a fun camera.

I continue to play around with it but so far I”m happy.

I decided to celebrate, I’d do daily shots with it.  Been a while since I’ve done daily photos.  So I present today’s photo – taken as I am editing photos from a photo shoot I did for a friend this morning.  Her mom is dying rapidly of lung cancer – she wants her to have photos of her and the kids.  So I drove 25 min to where they live, took some fun photos, and met up with G who was hanging out in our favorite coffee shop waiting for Indigo to get done with her drumming lesson.

This photo was taken using the Miniaturization Setting on the camera.  I love this fun effect – if you’ve watched Sherlock, it’s the effect used in the introduction making London’s landscape look as though it was built in miniature.  Neat stuff.  Or at least I think so.

Oh, and I should say, I am happy with the color processing in the camera.  I am such a  color nerd wanting the photo I take to be exactly as I saw it without the use of photoshop.  Many camera brands have a leaning to a particular color – too blue, too yellow, etc.  Playing with white balance helps but in the end, it’s nice when Auto works right.

Yeah, I’m a snob that way.

What do you think?

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